Bernese Mountain Dog Love’s Beneful Healthy Weight

My dog Burner who is a Bernese Mountain Dog is a little bit overweight. It has gotten to the point that he pretty much sleeps all day because he has gained so much weight. I have searched nearly everywhere to find him the right food to help him get healthy again. After a recent trip to the grocery store i decided i would put him on Beneful Healthy Weight mainly because i have seen many great reviews on Amazon about Beneful and they happened to have a dog food that would cater to his needs. They also had a whole bunch of different types of dog treats so i decided to get him three different kinds of treats along with his healthy weight dog food. I got him Beneful heartfuls,stars, and snackers. When Burner first tried Beneful healthy weight dog food he seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he still does enjoy it. I have noticed a change in his weight. He is loosing less fat and gaining more muscle, which is what he needs because he is such a big dog. If it wasn’t for me putting the treats in the cabinet, he probably would get into them and completely ruin his diet. He especially likes Beneful snackers dog treats. He must really like the way they taste. Beneful also had a lot of different types of wet dog food and even other types of dry dog food. If it wasn’t for Beneful i would probably still be searching for a dog food to make Burner healthy again. Thank you Beneful for catering to burner’s need to be healthy.