Impacting the World: Bruce Levenson

Perhaps he’s best known for his ownership of a prominent NBA team, but Bruce Levenson also has some substantial acumen as a prominent philanthropist. In fact, Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson provided donations which became the seed money for The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. They’ve donated subsequently, and the center has continued to grow. In fact, recently a dormitory was constructed so that students could pursue philanthropic aims and remain on campus as well. Also, twelve graduate students were sent to work for several NGOs in India. Those NGOs were focused on the disabled, on wildlife preservation, and on youth outreach. That’s all according to a recent PR Newswire article on the subject. Also according to that article, The Center has some aspects to it which make its impact exceptionally profound, and somewhat perpetual. Every semester, courses stemming from The Center raise some ten thousand dollars. That’s twenty thousand dollars a year. This money is then given to nonprofit organizations who deserve it. The Center has received national attention, and is considered among the top facilities educating students in philanthropy by the nation’s capital. In fact, several prominent philanthropic nonprofit organizations regularly recruit from The Center; among them the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian. Karen and Bruce are both very pleased with the program, and well they should be. It betters not just the local community, or the country, but the world itself. Perhaps this is a reason Karen Levenson said it was their “most profound” philanthropic project.