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Beauty In Community: Coworking Space in NYC

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Whether you are an artist or a business driven entrepreneur, the phenomenon of co-working environments has now provided community based infrastructure that bolsters collaboration and communication between peers, already individually interested in advancing their visions. Recently, in March of 2016 a startup known as ‘WeWork’ raised an astounding four-hundred and thirty million. ‘WeWork’ has established a co-working platform that has been embraced by an upwards of forty-thousand people who pay rent to use the shared office locations provided by the company. That being said these environments are quite simply best for those who want to be surrounded by other like-minded people. In other words, these are professionals who want to be around other professionals, people whose drive and ambition can prove inspirational. Through renting areas one shares with others, people can not only mingle in a supported office space, but also have the chance to outsource work associated with the management of said environments. This gives people the chance to focus on their individual goals in stead of being bogged down by distractions related to the logistics surrounding maintaing a proper space for focus oriented folks looking pursue their actual interests and ambitions. Human beings feed off of each others energy, and those seeking shared work spaces are often looking for the motivation that is naturally generated from being around other hard working individuals. Productivity has been shown to increase inside environments made up of talented people looking to evolve with others open to the potential of networking and finding those with similar goals, leading to the possibility of partnership.

Another immensely popular and successful shared office space is Workville, based out of New York City. Workville is a particularly unique co-working environment. The company emerged in early 2016 and provides members with all the practical positive aspects of a shared space melded with luxury. Their office alone, is something to behold. Workville is located on the twenty-first floor within a stunning office building in the city’s bustling center. The environment is complete with spacial areas so things don’t become too claustrophobic, and includes terraces. The lightening is designed perfectly, while their are plenty of lounge spaces and common areas with striking white marble. This a healthier, more community driven design for people of all kinds. Workville is ultimately the ideal space for hardworking creatives and business people to work in unison to create a better future for us all.

Business Leaders/Autism Research

Sanjay Shah Raising Funds For Autism Research

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Autism Rocks and Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah was interviewed by host Eric Dye on entrepreneurial success on Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Sanjay Shah is mostly known for the creation of Autism Rocks that was founded in 2014, a charity organization dedicated to funding autism research, after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with Autism. Before Autism Rocks, Shah founded Solo Capital in 2011 as a private limited capital and it was in the same year that it merged with Old Park Lane Capital. Solo Capital Limited helped Old Park Lane Capital from sinking into continued losses; the two firms now perform business together in trading of oil and gas among other natural resources.

Solo Capital is a financial services company with headquarters in London, England. The firm specializes in asset performance management, sports investments primarily focused on talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation, proprietary trading and consultancy.

In the interview, Sanjay advises anyone thinking of starting a new business should have a solid foundation in financial capital and never to assume that one do all of the work yourself.

Sanjay has been staging charity concerts, and all the money raised being sent for autism research purposes. The first event was fairly successful as well as those that have followed. The charity puts on private, invite-only concerts, with all of the proceeds going to the Autism Research Trust.

Sanjay Shah wants to educate parents how to identify symptoms of autism sooner so they can take the necessary steps for the children to grow into healthy functioning adults.
Autism Rocks showcases exclusive collaborations with stars from the music industry to directly elevate the cause, thereby opening up opportunity for funding for research. Sanjay Shah is also a trustee of the Autism Research Trust, an organization that funds autism research at Cambridge University.

Sanjay would like to do a compilation album by popular rock stars donatting a song each for Autism Rocks research and to raise as much awareness and money as possible. with different global artists donating a song each.

Hair Care Process

Why Was A Total Review Of Wen By Chaz Necessary?

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A full review of Wen by Chaz Dean ( was totally necessary because there are a lot of people who are counting on it stopping them finding a way to stop hair from shedding and falling out. Women and men with thin hair have been hoping for some help for a long time, and it is really important for these people to find a good shampoo. People who have seen their hair fall out in the shower before are not going to take kindly to another product that lets them down, but the test of Wen by Chaz at clears all that up.
The article was written by a female staffer at the magazine and is also a wikipedia content editor who has thin hair that is blonde and usually sheds. She recounts her own experience of dealing with her hair, and she was hoping that it would work just like everyone else. There is a lot of hope in the article because it could be a pretty big breakthrough for the writer and women like her.

She washed her hair in the article while she took pictures, and she made sure that she was able to show how the process worked. She was happy at the end of the article, and she made sure that she showed what her hair looked like when she got done with the washing. She is showing that anyone with thin or shedding hair can start using products by Chaz because it actively stops shedding. She did her hair up to show that it looked healthy, and she gave hope to a lot of people who wanted Wen by Chaz to work. People often get put off by big claims, but the big claims from Wen by Chaz have been proven correct by a writer from Bustle with a very common problem. Wen is available online on

US Economy/Gold

The Safest Investment is Gold

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If you are looking for a safe investment, where you do not have to worry about your money disappearing or shrinking in any way, shape or form, your best bet is going to be gold. You can think of gold as one of those investments that is not going to go away. In fact, there is little debate that gold is the safest investment out there, regardless of what market or aspect may come into discussion.

Even though gold is not going to increase a persons money a whole lot, unless they study the ups and downs and buy gold when it is being sold for cheaper than normal, only to sell it when it goes back up, gold is one of those things that can be used to retain your wealth.

There is some risk to investment even when it is safe. Even if you simply make money and put that money into the bank thinking that you are doing something that is very safe, as you are not playing with the money on the stock market, or investing it in any other way, you never really know that the money you put there is going to remain. The bank could crash and go under, the value of currency that you have your money in could go down, or a whole list of other things could happen that could compromise your money.

The U.S. Money Reserve is going to remain the same and if you have a decent amount of money, you really should at least put a portion of your money aside in gold. You can think about it as spreading your assets out, but at least protecting some of it with a solid investment. If something drastic were to happen, say if another great depression occurred, you would still have your back up money.

Buying from the US Money Reserve is the way to go if you are looking to buy gold. They make all sorts of gold coins, other gold items such as bars of gold, as well as other types of metal that you can purchase. Selecting these types of gold pieces and putting them away is not only a good way to protect your assets and make sure you don’t lose it all if something bad happens, but there is also a huge peace of mind factor. Gold will retain its worth, so check out the many options that the US Money Reserve has available.

Financial Crisis

George Soros predicts Financial Turmoil

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In 2008, the GFC hit the world, and just a few countries were able to survive. The huge effects were attributed to the lack of preparedness and poor forecasting. In fact, investment leaders were shocked that there were not advanced warnings indicating the possible effects. People lost a lot of money and investments. The US was worst hit and given that the dollar is a primary world currency, a majority of the nations suffered the effects. However, the world economy stabilized after measures were taken.

In 2015, world-renowned investor warned that the Global Financial Crisis would hit again if the appropriate steps to curb it were not taken. George Soros was not excited by the news coming out of the People Bank of China. There are indications that the currency has been decreased, and effects may spread largely to other countries. China is the second largest economy in the world.

George Soros has a long history that dates back to the early 1960s. His name was earlier mentioned regarding funding the apartheid students in South Africa in the late 1960s. Having grown up in Hungary, he fled during the Second World War and went to school in the United Kingdom. After graduating in Economics on, he decided to settle where his entrepreneurship journey started.

Soros has invested in several successful companies that have earned him billions of dollars in profits over time. It helped him expand his business and charity foundation to over 100 nations in the world. George Soros’ influence was felt, and because some countries were opposed to his ideologies, some of his organizations are now facing resistance from some of the governments.

In his own home Hungary, George is an enemy. The state has seen his activities to having no benefit to the local people. It is because he champions for the better life and rights of the immigrants. In the authorities’ view on, it is risky in that it may lead to an influx of refugees in Hungary. George advises that they should be paid so that they can afford a decent lifestyle, an issue that is resisted by the local authorities.

On promoting the rights and freedoms in many countries, governments are resisting terming his work as a possible cause of revolution in the countries. When people know their rights, they will oppose actions that will be seen to infringe on them. Therefore, they will resist by any means possible.

Taking an example of Russia, the Open Society Foundation has been prohibited from undertaking any business on the Russian soil. In fact, they say that their actions damage the constitution of Russia and may lead to growing resistance against the state. The organization has been compared to a terrorist group that brings radicalization to the people. The two organizations have, therefore, been listed as a threat to national security. It means that any operation within Russia will be punishable in the worse way possible. It is because, in the authorities view, it is just a terrorist group like any other.

Beauty Products

Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Adds Shine To Fine Hair

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Hair stylist Emily McClure recently tried a new product on her hair. She went for about a week trying WEN cleansing conditioner on her long, fine hair and described the results. You can read the full trial of Emily and see photos of how her experiment went on I summarize her results below.

Emily McClure’s results were positive with Wen cleaning conditioners. She used a sold fig formula by Wen. Wen By Chaz has many different kinds of formulas. After a week of use Emily noticed that her hair was consistently more shiny and had more volume. She described that after she used Wen by Chaz it felt like she had much more hair then she really does. This is because the conditioner adds volume to hair

A few important things to point is that Emily did not use the recommended amount specified by Wen by Chaz. She used an amount for short hair, when she has long hair. This could be why her hair was constantly greasy or oily as she describes after a day. Or maybe, she just has oily hair. Whatever the case, Wen by Chaz’s cleaning conditioners adds luster, volume and is gentle enough to be used on very fine hair like Emily has.

WEN is a hair care brand that was created by notable hair stylist Chaz Dean who resides in California. The brand’s deep cleansing conditioner is an all in one hair care product that cleans, conditions and detangles hair. It contains no harsh sulfates and is instead made primarily of all natural botanical and plant products such as chamomile extract and rosemary extract. The deep cleansing conditioner can even be used a leave in conditioner by using a mild amount after showering. Its gentle and unique all natural formula strengthens hair and does not remove natural oils from hair that harsh shampoos do. Wen is available online thru



Multicultural Wengie Talks Beauty

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These days, the most influential young people are often discovered on YouTube. One of these YouTube millionaires is Wendy Huang, who is a multicultural maven on the cutting edge of beauty. Thousands of loyal fans tune into her YouTube channel often to learn the best beauty tips. Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie, is one of the most important stars of YouTube.

Why Is Wengie So Popular?
Wengie always longed to reach the one million subscriber moment and she eventually achieved her dream. Prior to going full-time with her YouTube channels, Wengie was already a success in business. She remains popular because she truly loves her viewers and takes seriously the responsibility to provide them with quality beauty tips. She does her best to inspire and inform them on the subject of beauty to the best of her ability and is always seeking out new and innovative beauty strategies.

What Are the Advantages of Following Wengie’s YouTube and Social Media?
One of the top distinctions between Wengie and the others is that Wengie is young, multicultural and very open-minded. She tests and compares makeup and products from all around the world, so the interested viewer gets that unusually wide global viewpoint. Many of Wengie’s fans are young, so she is a careful role model for them.

Wendy Huang has built a YouTube empire from doing one thing very well: providing excellent beauty advice to her fans. Her media content is both text, photo and video and is consistent with her brand. There are many ways to get in contact with her, including her Tumblr It is also well worth joining her LinkedIn account Her target audience is anyone who wants to look more beautiful and solve beauty problems. Her fans trust her because she delivers quality in the field of beauty every single time.

Business Leaders

Coriant Looks To The Cloud And Shaygan Kheradpir For Success

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Recent technology exhibitions have seen a number of displays from the Coriant technology brand, which has recently seen a change in leadership after Pat DiPietro stood down as CEO to be replaced by Shaygan Kheradpir. Coriant is a relatively new entrant into the technology and network connections industry, but has now become one of the most innovative developers of new technologies in the world. One of the areas Coriant has been looking to improve is in the quality of the products provided for customers; one of the latest technologies introduced by Coriant is the lightning resistant cabling that has recently been displayed at exhibitions in Germany. Lightning can cause lower speeds of data transfer for customers, which Coriant hopes to avoid by making its equipment resistant to lightning strikes.

The introduction of Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO of Coriant will be of great benefit for the customers of the company who are hoping to take advantage of the best possible options in new technologies. Coriant can benefit from Shaygan Kheradpir’s long history of introducing new ways of developing technology in the most cost effective way, which has included his introduction of now industry standards like the use of smaller development teams focusing on a specific area of development for a new piece of technology.

Shaygan Kheradpir has developed a wide range of new research and development techniques for use across many different areas of the technology industry, but has also become a respected business person across many different industries. The veteran technology executive may be well known as a leader in the industry and has also become well known for his skills as a negotiator and skilled business leader. For companies including Verizon and Barclays the Cornell University graduate has developed business skills in a range of different areas.

At Coriant the new technologies produced have included a number of options for bringing the best options to the industry, which includes the development of a new high speed Cloud based technology for transferring data at the highest possible speeds. Coriant and Kheradpir believe this new Cloud technology will be of the greatest benefit to the streaming services that have been bringing entertainment to the homes of millions of people around the world during the 21st century.

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Real Estate Properties

RE/MAX Moves Back Into NY for Middle-Income Real Estate Growth

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The economy is finally taking a turn for the better after the stock market plunge in 2008, and the NYC real estate industry is projected to show some of these improvements in 2016. Ari Harkov who is an influential real estate agent in Manhattan made a list of eight predictions in Real Estate Weekly, which also reported that RE/MAX was moving back into the city. RE/MAX had tried the New York market a decade ago, but now Dave Liniger, CEO, bought the Master Franchise and was moving back with a forward-moving objective.

RE/MAX primarily handles middle-income properties, so most of the predictions Harkov made will apply to that income bracket. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, there are thousands of residents who enjoy luxury condos, apartments and homes including the exclusive services and amenities that are associated with them. TOWN Residential has become a major leader in Manhattan’s luxury residential and commercial properties.

The co-founder and CEO of TOWN is Andrew Heiberger, who began this cutting-edge firm in 2010. Today, he has expanded and opened 10 more Town Residential offices employing over 600 personnel. Andrew has a unique concept for buying and selling real estate, and the agents at TOWN are extremely familiar with Manhattan and Brooklyn, so, consequently, they find superior spaces for their clients.

Andrew also has a mission to provide exceptional and personalized service for his clients. He believes in complete customer satisfaction, and with this approach to real estate, he designed TOWN Residential and is changing the way that the luxury real estate industry operates.

One of the eight predictions by Harkov was that future buyers will focus on prime properties in their price range. For most residents of NYC, this means they will remain in the middle-class bracket, but search for properties in better locations or that offer better financial arrangements. This prediction, along with several others, means that RE/MAX has returned to the New York market at the right time to succeed in this state. RE/MAX has built a tremendous reputation as a substantial and successful company in over 100 countries around the world.