George Soros predicts Financial Turmoil

In 2008, the GFC hit the world, and just a few countries were able to survive. The huge effects were attributed to the lack of preparedness and poor forecasting. In fact, investment leaders were shocked that there were not advanced warnings indicating the possible effects. People lost a lot of money and investments. The US was worst hit and given that the dollar is a primary world currency, a majority of the nations suffered the effects. However, the world economy stabilized after measures were taken.

In 2015, world-renowned investor warned that the Global Financial Crisis would hit again if the appropriate steps to curb it were not taken. George Soros was not excited by the news coming out of the People Bank of China. There are indications that the currency has been decreased, and effects may spread largely to other countries. China is the second largest economy in the world.

George Soros has a long history that dates back to the early 1960s. His name was earlier mentioned regarding funding the apartheid students in South Africa in the late 1960s. Having grown up in Hungary, he fled during the Second World War and went to school in the United Kingdom. After graduating in Economics on, he decided to settle where his entrepreneurship journey started.

Soros has invested in several successful companies that have earned him billions of dollars in profits over time. It helped him expand his business and charity foundation to over 100 nations in the world. George Soros’ influence was felt, and because some countries were opposed to his ideologies, some of his organizations are now facing resistance from some of the governments.

In his own home Hungary, George is an enemy. The state has seen his activities to having no benefit to the local people. It is because he champions for the better life and rights of the immigrants. In the authorities’ view on, it is risky in that it may lead to an influx of refugees in Hungary. George advises that they should be paid so that they can afford a decent lifestyle, an issue that is resisted by the local authorities.

On promoting the rights and freedoms in many countries, governments are resisting terming his work as a possible cause of revolution in the countries. When people know their rights, they will oppose actions that will be seen to infringe on them. Therefore, they will resist by any means possible.

Taking an example of Russia, the Open Society Foundation has been prohibited from undertaking any business on the Russian soil. In fact, they say that their actions damage the constitution of Russia and may lead to growing resistance against the state. The organization has been compared to a terrorist group that brings radicalization to the people. The two organizations have, therefore, been listed as a threat to national security. It means that any operation within Russia will be punishable in the worse way possible. It is because, in the authorities view, it is just a terrorist group like any other.