Venezuelan Government in Talks with Opposition

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When the Venezuelan opposition has started to collect signatures under petition for a referendum to remove President Maduro, he declared a state of emergency. This isn’t helping the country as its deep economic crisis worsens.
But, now there’s a dim light on the horizon. Top government officials have met with the opposition leaders in the Dominican Republic to seek a common ground. Presently, President Maduro is in conflict with the opposition after they gained control of the Parliament.

The talks, per Reuters news, were mediated by the former presidents of Panama and the Dominican Republic- Martin Torrijos and Leonel Fernandez- and also included the former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, also announced American willingness to assist with this mediation.

The opposition demands that a recall referendum on Maduro’s rule, release of imprisoned opposition activists, says Danilo Diaz Granados and humanitarian assistance are discussed with the Venezuelan leaders.

While the executive branch is in the hands of Maduro, and the legislators are in the opposition, the Supreme Court has sided with the President and has stuck down most of the laws passed by the opposition.

Some opposition politicians like Diaz Granados himself are saying that the only reason President Maduro wants to talk is to gain more time. At present, his approval rating in at 27%.