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New Program Lauds SEC Whistleblowers

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The landmark decision of Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection act which greatly bolstered the ability of the government to regulation deviant business practices. Due to this reform a sweeping whistle-blower program was established which helped those cognizant of federal law violations at their respective place of business to rest easy in the knowledge that their right to employment would be protected and defended to the hilt.

Despite how truly monumental the Dodd Frank reforms were it was sometime before any law firms established themselves firmly as specialists within the field of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) whistle-blower protection. The first law office to focus exclusively on SEC employee protection was Labaton Sucharow. Labaton Sucharow used their vast experience within the field of securities litigation to protect employees and maintain all SEC codes.

The firm is headed by Mr. Jordan A. Thomas whose resume seems perfectly tailored to the field of SEC whilsteblower protection. Mr. A. Thomas has a strong background in litigation which he obtained from working under the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Assistant Chief Litigation counselor. In point of fact it was Mr. A. Thomas who helped, in part, to design and direct the SEC whistleblower program, starting with the drafting process and taking it all the way to the finished legislation.

The program specifically states that the Securities and Exchange Commission is legally required to financially compensate any and all business whistle-blowers a ten to thirty percent dividend of the money obtained from the reform violations (if the total amount exceeds one million). Furthermore, if the aforementioned dollar amount it met or exceeded then the aforementioned whistle-blower may be eligible for even further monetary compensation should the violation be connected to any other organizations or industries. For those who are interested in learning more about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Whistle-blowers program they may be contacted via the telephone, email or through various other electronic forms. Once contacted simply ask for a initial case evaluation and consultation. It should also be noted that all first meetings and evaluations come at no cost to the individuals requesting them and are completely free. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower attorneys