How Securus Has Changed the Jail Industry

There are many ways that Securus has changed the jail industry over the years: kiosks, email programs, and now, automated forms for the inmates to list the problems and complaints that they have about the jail. These forms have made it easier for the inmates to let the staff know the issues that they are having with either staff members, jail procedures, or even other inmates. This has made it much easier not only for the inmates, but also for the staff of the jail who need to file these complaints. The automated forms have created a much easier process for the employees.

In the past, the inmates had to go through a process with their complaints. They had a middle man that everything went through and they had major issues with that. The Securus came up wit the solution: automated forms. Inmates now only have to submit it through the kiosk. The employees do not have to worry about figuring out where they will submit the complaints to. They also do not need to worry about taking their time out of their day and other duties to submit countless complaints for the inmates. They are able to, instead, focus on other areas of their jobs.

While Securus has been able to do this for the inmates, it has been a huge help for the administration, as well. The people who run the prisons are able to get the information that they need according to the complaints of the prisoners. They also do not need to worry about missing some of the complaints because they are sent directly to them. This makes it much easier for them to make sure that they are getting all of the complaints that the inmates submit on a regular basis to the jail administration.