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George Soros/Industry Council for Tangible Assets

Philip Diehl who shares the same views with George Soros on Gold Value named ICTA Chairman

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Philip N. Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve President, has been named as the new Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) Chairman. The announcement was made after a meeting of the ICTA’s Board of Directors meeting. Diehl, a former U.S. Mint Director, also served as the assistant chair ICTA Board of Directors before he was named as the chairman.

The association acts as the watchdog for paper money, rare coins and precious metal bullion communities. Its mandate is maintaining regulatory climate that is favorable through all the 50 states and get a medium through which members can confer, cooperate, consult with and educate various agencies and the government. It does this to achieve workable solutions to problems ailing their businesses.

Diehl is regarded highly for leading and coming up with a legislative effort which was ICTA’s most ambitious at state level. It involved reforms on a 2013 Minnesota statute that had imposed irrational regulatory burdens on numismatic and bullion customers and dealers. He had been a state regulator in the past based in Washington where he got experience in designing and executing ICTA’s communications and legislative strategies.

This led to the successful MN legislature being signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton in May this year. Diehl’s new post will come with goals of increasing the value of ICTA to the members; grow the association’s financial resources and membership base. He will also need to improve the cooperation and communication among the big industry organizations.

About the U.S. Money Reserve

According to GoodSearch and Glassdoor, The U.S. Money Reserve came about as a result of veterans in the gold market recognizance of the need to combining expert market knowledge, top customer service and trusted guidance when buying precious metals. Currently, it is the largest U.S. Government issued Platinum, Silver and Gold coins distributors. It has had the opportunity to work with lots of clients in their hundreds of thousands who took advantage of the various financial benefits associated with owning these precious metals.

It was founded in 2001 and has steadily grown to become one of the largest private distributors of both foreign and U.S. government-issued platinum, gold and silver legal tender. There are so many clients who rely on the services offered by the experienced professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve to choose coins that are capable of affording the highest value. The clients end up making wise purchases and a good number of such investors are in great positions of profits today.

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