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What is an SEC Whistleblower?

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An SEC whistle blower is someone who calls attention to and puts a stop to illicit activities that are going on in the SEC. They are the ones that report problems in hopes that the people who are doing unfair things will be punished and fairness will be brought to the SEC. For this reason, the whistle blowers are protected from many different issues that could come about from reporting incidents within the SEC. The whistle blower program was designed to ensure that the people would be protected no matter what information that they brought forward.

Many of the people who are completing unfair practices are people who are high up within the SEC. They are the people who have the power to retaliate against employees and ones who could, possibly, fire them if there were issues with the performance. They could also fire them if they were doing something wrong and the person reported them for it. This is called retaliation and it is something that was rampant in the SEC. It was a major problem and something that the SEC whistle blower program worked to combat by promising to protect any person who wants to come forward with information.

Another reason that many people simply did not bring attention of the unfair practices to authorities is that they are actually being paid for not reporting the information. The people who are stealing money steal so much of it that they can afford to pay off the people who they want to be quiet about the dealings. The SEC whistle blower program helps to protect the people from having this happen to them. The program offers rewards that will make up, and often surpass, the money that they were getting for being quiet about the unfair dealings within the SEC.

While the program agrees to protect people, it is still wise that they have an attorney to represent them throughout the whistle blowing process. Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that works exclusively with people who wish to report issues within the SEC to the authorities. They will help the people with the exact process to report them and will be with them, representing them, each step of the way. They are a business firm that is dedicated only to SEC whistle blowers and they recently helped one win the second highest reward from the SEC whistle blower program.

Music/Latin Singers

Norka Luque Makes a Splash in the Music Industry

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There are many stars that have been interested in building careers, but few people have been able to make the type of impression that Norka Luque has made. She was fond of music for most of her life, but she had to wait until the time was right to get into the entertainment business. She has degrees in other areas outside of entertainment, but she has become dedicated to the craft of music in recent years.



Lots of people are going to be impressed with what Norka brings to the table. She is a Latin artist that is not about to break away from her roots. She loves Venezuela, and she is bringing forth songs that will encourage people that live here. There is also a lot of praise for the way that she has shown people that she is diverse. There is no doubt that she is a singer that wants to expand to an American audience as well.



There is no one better equipped to help a Latin artist like Norka Luque make a transition on to American charts than Emilio Estefan. He has been able to make this happen with many other singers down through the years. This career spans several decades, and his discovery of young talent shows that he still has what it takes.



The combination of Norka and Emilio is a great one. She was already part of a band when he discovered her, but he felt that she would be a great solo artist on her own. This is what led Norka to bring the sound to America. The great thing about someone like Norka Luque is that she is willing to expand her sound in order to build her audience. She doesn’t want to abandon her roots and totally get thrown in pop music. Instead, Norka wants to bring the pop world into her Latin music world and fuse the two genres.



So far the remixes of her singles have been helping her do this quite well. She has managed to take things to a new level and carve out a place for herself in the industry with ease. There is no doubt that she is going to be one the top selling Latin artists when her album hits stores. There is a lot of love for what she is doing, and her fans see magic in her eyes when she performs.


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