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Brazilian Economy Builds Plenty of Momentum

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Since 2015, the Brazilian industry has failed to grow. Struggling businesses and failing stock markets have impacted the economy in Brazil. Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian entrepreneur and president of Eucatex, expressed optimism at the viability of growth. This seemed unusual since the general population is so pessimistic about the economy. Even up to this August, populations were not good when concerned with the economy.


ICI, which stands for Industrial Confidence Index, indicated in September of 2016 there had been an increase at 2.1 in economic growth. Then as of this August, there had been a one point decline. It appears the markets are fluctuating and it is difficult to project what the outcome will be for each term. Even though there had been recent declines, the report still shows a higher result since July of 2014 leaving some experts to feel optimistic about the economic future.


All data is conducted through the Survey of Manufacturing Industry. Most importantly, improvement of stock volumes has held up. Entrepreneurs and business leaders differ with opinions on stock sufficiency.


Aloisio Campelo Junior, superintendent of public statistics Ibre/FCV, claims a mild improvement. The Domestic market seems to be recovering slowly and smoothly. Professionals and economic advisors are watching and providing as much help as possible to ensure a positive economic growth for Brazilian businesses. With a positive outlook for Brazil projected by some, the economy is holding it’s own and will continue to slowly improve. This in return will make life better for all in Brazil.  Find more of Flavio’s analysis on his website, or read more about him on Wikipedia for a full picture of Flavio’s credibility.

NYC Property

The Future of New York City’s Real Estate Market

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Related Companies is a leading private real estate development firm in the country. Jeff Blau is a partner and the chief executive officer of this firm. Jeff is the man behind over $20 billion of new developments in almost every sector of the industry. During an interview, Jeff was asked why he thinks that his latest project is unique especially because the New York market is hyper-competitive. Jeff said that Hudson Yards is unique and it spreads across 28 acres on the West Side of Manhattan. According to Jeff, it gave them the opportunity to come up with a whole new neighborhood, and he believes since they constructed from scratch, they have brought a residential offering that is unique worldwide.


Asked about his predictions on the next hot area in residential real estate, Jeff said that he sees a huge shift in Manhattan to the west and south. Jeff stated that he had observed that people want to reside and work in neighborhoods that are thriving. According to Jeff, that explains why they are investing heavily in the West of Manhattan, specifically Chelsea neighborhoods and Hudson Yards. Blau further said that he thinks any property located in a real 24/7 neighborhood with green spaces, a lot of amenities, and open spaces will appreciate over the next few years.


Blau said that the company is still seeing activity and that they believe projects that are quality, priced and strategically located will continue doing well in the market. Asked about his opinion on the fueling of foreign money in the New York real estate market, Blau said that there is still activity from foreign capital. He stated that the New York market is global; thus, everyone has access to it. Blau also noted that high-end properties like Long Island City and Greenpoint have a lot of room for growth. However, he added that it is still hard to predict in the near term.

For example, Town Residential is New York’s top luxury real estate services company. Within the few years that NYC luxury real estate has been in operation; it has made a record of best-in-class customer service by its team of representatives. Town Residential deals with leasing, property developments, luxury residential sales, and commercial and retail developments across several NYC properties.


The real estate firm has a team of professionals who have knowledge and expertise in NYC luxury real estate. It has executive leadership and a committed team of salespeople. They have various neighborhood choices for its clients.