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RPS Solutions/Kevin

Kevin Seawright is Building Homes And Communities

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There are many problems in the world that people face due to monetary restrictions that their budgets have placed on them. People sometimes can’t get the food they need or the proper shelter that they deserve. Things like this can be solved though, as we have seen with different companies and non-profits stepping in to assist those in trouble. Kevin Seawright has this gift of being successful at helping people in these situations.

He has made himself a helping presence with his past work and the new company he now runs to assist those trying to find a home.

Before working at his current job Kevin Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore, assisting in numerous position of their government. He helped with the school system, housing management, and in many other sectors for the government.

During his time holding these different positions he was able to cut spending by coming up with new ways to do things so that the government would become more efficient and save money at the same time. After his successful career in government, he then moved to the real estate market where he founded his new company RPS Solutions LLC.

RPS Solutions aims to make affordable living for the people in Baltimore. The company buys older properties and then renovates them so that they are up to date with other living options in the city.

They then offer these at low costs (compared to the market currently in Baltimore) so that people on lower incomes can actually afford to own their own home. Seawright feels that this is very important because when people own their own home they take more of a stake in their community.

When you actually own a part of the neighborhood you care more about taking care of it and making it more of a community. He hopes through his company he can make the Baltimore area a safer and friendlier place for its citizens while also providing good housing, showing the great character of Kevin Seawright.

Innovative Thinker

A Much More Innovative Thinker

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Sam Tabar is one of the brightest minds in the business world today. His skills have taken him around the globe. He has expertise in dealing with several countries including China and Japan. Tabar has an uncanny ability to relate to business men and women of other cultures. It’s this international vision that allows Sam to maximize every opportunity that presents itself.

Tabar has held several important positions with major companies. He was the head of Asia-Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch. There it was recognized that his skills in hedge fund management were unparalleled. Sam Tabar continued to shine while working as an associate attorney for Shulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

Tabar was educated at Oxford University. His education and legal training gives Tabar the instincts needed to conduct business on the highest level. It is important that executives from other companies respect the professionalism of the people they are negotiating with. Sam has proven his worthiness in this area on many occasions. The time he spent with PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong illustrated this amazing quality. Sam Tabar was able to implement strategies and training that resulted in a lucrative outcome for all parties involved.

Tabar has now turned his attention to hedge funds. He will take on the role of Capital Strategist in his new startup company THINX. THINX will look to bring a level of innovation that has yet to be seen in the industry. The company’s primary focus will be empowering women in the regions of Africa and Asia. Such a bold statement will surely inspire many individuals to respond to such groundbreaking leadership. Creating opportunities for others opens doors to possibilities that were never thought of. An inspired mind is capable of endless creativity. Tabar’s efforts will have a profound effect on many lives.

Sam was educated at Oxford University. He also studied at the Columbia School of Law. His dealings with foreign nations has provided a unique platform for Sam to absorb amazing information. He is fluent in Japanese and French. Diversity such as this allows Tabar to develop the intimate connections needed to handle worldwide business.

Business Leaders

Bruce Levenson /Ahead of the Game.

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Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis and later attended American University where he graduated with a law degree. Bruce Levenson began his career in journalism at the Washington Star while attending law school at night. Earlier in Levenson’s career he partnered up with Ed Peskowitz and co-founded United Communications Group (UCG), a privately held business information company.

United Communications Group was based in Gathersburg, Maryland in 1977 and began in Bruce Levenson’s apartment. The company initially published a newsletter, Oil Express which reported on the oil industry and its developments. In addition to other newsletters, UCG launched databases which included Oil Price Information Service. United Communications Group specializes in data, news and healthcare analysis, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking, energy, and numerous other industries.

Forbes billionaire Levenson and Peskowitz were Majority Partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC are a group of businessmen that own the professional basketball team as well as the Phillips Arena. In 2004 the Atlanta Hawks LLC formerly known as the Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks LLC from Turner Broadcasting. The Atlanta Thrashers were initially included in the deal but the NHL team was sold in 2011.

Currently a lawsuit has been filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. The lawsuit was filed by Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The former Hawk ownership group included Bruce Levenson who was a controlling partner. Bruce Levenson has three sons with wife Karen. Levenson and his wife Karen have initiated the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and the Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

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