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Operation Smile

New Hope for Sleep Apnea Patients

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Sleep apnea is a very common medical condition that affects many Americans. In the recent years, doctors discovered that the effects of the disease have increased, and it was crucial to create awareness about the disease. According to a recent medical research, there is a relationship between some of the serious conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and sleep apnea. This discovery has forced the professionals in the industry to look for reliable treatment for the sleep conditions.


Avi Weisfogel is a respected dentist in the world. Weisfogel has achieved a lot in the dentistry world, earning the respect of many people. The successful dentist is the founder of an organization known as Dental Sleep Masters. Because he has been in the industry for a very long time, Weisfogel has a lot of expertise in sleep disorders, and he has been working hard to come up with a reliable treatment for the disease.


Dental Sleep Master was founded several years ago, and it focuses on diagnosing and treating sleep apnea patients in the world. According to research, ninety percent of the individuals suffering from the sleep conditions are not diagnosed, and this is a serious problem. The matter is considered to be quite urgent, and it requires immediate attention from all the medical professionals. This is why Avi Weisfogel has partnered with doctors and other medical professionals to make a change in the lives of people suffering from sleep apnea.


Apart from being a popular and successful dentist who is based in New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel is also very active in charity activities. The dentist loves children, and he has always believed that they should be given opportunities to enjoy their lives, regardless of their race, culture and religion.


Several years ago, Avi Weisfogel partnered with a non-profit making organization known as Operation Smile to cater for the needs of the children born with facial deformities. The charity has been operational for several years, and it has conducted many operations on young individuals in the world. Weisfogel helps to raise funds for the charitable organization to ensure that the doctors and nurses working for the institution have the equipment and medicines needed during the procedures.


Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies ensures honesty in correction facilities

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According to reports published on June 2016 by PRNewswire, Securus Technologies made a press release to correct misleading information by GTL. GTL had previously made a press release early that month. Securus Technology stated that the press release made by GTL was highly inaccurate and misleading. The information solicited for a new press release with corrections on the matter.


One of the first press release made by GTL stated that the U.S PTAB granted GTL permission to go forth with validations pursuing injunctions against Securus Technologies. The Patent Trial Appeal Board cannot validate a lawsuit. Securus corrected the misinformation stating there had been no such validation made by the PTAB. GTL was not going to pursue injunctions like that stated in the press release.


Securus Technologies is a technology-forward and a highly reliable firm. The company provides technology solutions for the civil and criminal justice department. To date, Securus Technologies has provided simple but robust solutions that have improved safety. The press release made by Securus was mainly to correct the false and misleading information presented by GTL. Securus Technologies has distinguished itself as a company ready to serve and connect. The company avails services to improve public safety. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has several offices in different parts of the world.



According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, GTL should focus on business growth and not pick fights with competitors. He noted that GTL is taking an easier route as patent litigation costs a lot of money and takes many years to pursue. As a result, the public questions GTL’s approach to picking up fights with competitors. The company is not acting in the best interest of its growth. However, Securus Technologies stated that they would continue to defend themselves while asserting their patents.