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Securus receives highest rating from Better Business Bureau

Posted by eastcoop on

Securus Technologies, the country’s leading provider of inmate communication services, has recently received the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. After being certified as an A+ business, Securus released a statement detailing what the new rating means.


This marks the culmination of a floor-up corporate overhaul which included intense customer service training and the creation of a 220-representative call center. This call center is the largest of its kind in the country and marks Securus’ rise to the unquestioned leader in inmate communication throughout the United States.



Video visitation takes the lead in prison telephony


What started as a brainstorming session by Securus engineers, well over a decade ago, has blossomed into a game-changing technology which has transformed the way that prison communications are handled throughout the country. Today, Securus’ video visitation technology serves over 25 million inmates and family members, allowing for unprecedented levels of contact and a quality of communication that could previously only be dreamt of.


This technology has collectively saved tens of millions of dollars for inmates and their families. In-person visitations, previously the only option which families had to see their incarcerated loved ones face-to-face, often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This was due to the long distances families were often forced to drive to see their loved ones. While many states pay lip service to the fact that inmates technically have the right to request a transfer to be closer to their loved ones, in practice, such requests are rarely granted. This often resulted in situations where family members were required to drive up to 8 hours from home, being forced to pay for all meals and hotel rooms.


Today, a visitation that may have cost $1000 now only costs as little as $1. Securus’ video visitation has profoundly changed inmate communications for the better.