Easy to make Edible School Supplies by Wengie

YouTube sensation Wengie is back at it again. This time around she is making yummy school supply treats that are just as colorful and scrumptious as her. Edible school supplies are a fairly new product that I think Wengie is going to make into popular items for students everywhere.


We’ll have to wait and see if that will happen. But for now, students (with the help of their moms and dads can make some comestible school supplies of their own. They just have to follow Wengie’s instructions on her video DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School.


Wengie’s edible crayons look like the real thing when they are finished being made but they taste like flavored gummy bears. Students can make an array of colorful edible crayons that have flavors such as blue raspberry, red cherry, yellow lemon and orange well, orange.


Wengie sometimes wears her hair with rainbow colors and she also makes a rainbow glue stick out of Starburst candy. Wengie just loves rainbows with her cute self. Another great yummy school item by Wengie is her tasty glue product.


Many kids like to eat glue but Wengie’s version is so much better. She makes it out of glucose syrup and vanilla. It looks like the real thing but taste like a super sweet thick syrupy desert topping. Wengie is always on top of her game with her great creations.


Wengie also makes eraser pens that people can eat out of musk sticks. She even has gummy erasers. There are so many different types of wonderful school supply confections that Wengie shows students how to make; and each of them are amazing. Make sure you preview the easy to make school supply treats by Wengie.