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Thousands Of Customers Join Award Winning Inmate Communications Provider

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Are you currently experiencing dropped calls with your inmate communications provider? You can switch to Securus Technologies and ensure that you will get every minute that is allotted under your service agreement. They assure their customers that they are communicating over a stable network. Their prices are $4 to $1, in comparison to other network providers. In fact, Securus Technologies is rated higher than competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. Discover the benefits of becoming a part of a inmate communication provider that allows you to talk more and spend less. Most companies don’t offer nearly as many features as Securus Technologies.


Gold Stevie Award Is Awarding To Leading Network Provider


The Gold Stevie Award and the Stevie Award are the highest customer service awards awarded to telecommunications providers in the industry. They choose from the top professionals that have a stellar customer service rating with their customers and through questionnaires. Securus Technologies was chosen over several other network providers for having a high level of customer resolution. Securus ensures that their customers complaints are handled immediately and effectively. Their customers tell PRN Newswire that they are happy with their network, prices, and customer response. They lead the industry as one of the largest network providers to become a part of inmate communications.


Securus Features


Certification 1


Securus is attempting to expand their network to a global network with a recent certification 1. This certification will allow them to expand to an international forefront.


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave your love ones a voicemail message and help them transition to a life outside of a correctional facility. They can retrieve and receive a message from their love ones, legal counsel, or friends.


Become a part of Securus Technologies today by visiting their exclusive website for more details.