According to Forbes Magazine, after Bruce Levenson sold his team the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, he straight went into the non-profit division where he seeded funding for the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute

Do Good Institute

The drive is unparalleled in the higher education sector. Its primary purpose is to get down to the undergraduate students level at the Maryland University and give them exposure on how the non-profit and volunteering works. By doing this, the program hopes to bring forth the next generation of non-profit leaders and mold them into individuals who can compete against the counterparts in the private sector. The response to the Do Good Institute has been tremendous.

In an exclusive interview, ,, Bruce noted that so many organizations that were being headed by exceptional individuals that often didn’t accomplish their mission as they lacked some of the necessary business skills that would lead them to success.

Together with his wife Karen, Bruce Levenson went with the idea to the University of Maryland. By seeding the initiative with $75, with the state of topping with another $ 20, the idea was tried out. The first class was on Philanthropy 101 where students were handed $10 000 to assign to their chosen work. It instantly took off on the campus.

The Do Good Institute has two main missions;

To turn the school into a Do Good campus, where each student that graduates is knowledgeable and prompted to give back.

To educate the next crop of non-profit leaders.

Bruce Levenson is a partner and the co-founder of the United Communications Group (UGC). Together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz, Mr. Bruce co-founded the UCG.MR. Levenson profit cofounding UGC wrote for the Washington Star and the Observer Publishing. From the 10th of February 2015, he has been the director of TechTarget, Inc.

Mr. Bruce was the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation in Washington. Mr. Levenson has been involved in many charity events. Mr. Bruce holds a degree in Bachelors of Arts from the Washington University and a J.D from the American University.