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A robust personality and expertise in marketing and advertising introduces Lori Senecal. He is a pioneer in the innovative advertising techniques that have revolutionized industries. Her specialty is innovative technology solutions that address business challenges. Due to her credibility she got a CEO position at CP+B. she also served as the former global executive chairman at KBS. Her success is attributed to the constant challenge she gives herself since she does not stay in her comfort zone.

While at KBS her achievements include expanding the company’s global vision in addition to rapidly growing the company something that was contributed by her excellent work ethics. She set life goals early in life having grown in a family of four sisters who gave her a lot of attention in addition to her parents since she was the last-born.

Lori’s urge to be involved in business began in her high school years when she turned to coaching when her height did not allow her to become a great athlete. Through coaching in high school and college, she developed useful leadership skills of excellent communication, goal setting, consistency and having a clear vision.

Lori makes money when other people make money. She earns through performance and perseverance, which are the two core traits that bring income in the ad world. This is also something she learnt early in her career.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal has a degree from McGill University. She has been president of the McCann Erickson New York Office. She has been instrumental in developing successful marketing campaigns for other great brands including Xbox and Coca-Cola. She speaks fluent French and has a motto that advertising is exactly like all other great languages. Visit her LinkedIn account for more details.

Senecal is well known for ability to focus on challenges, which gives her a unique capability to become creative and develop unique styles. It was due to her exemplary leadership that KBS developed into an international agency that has more than 800 employees. She has had significant input in some renowned advertising campaigns that confirmed her as the queen of advertising. Some of these brands include Victoria’s Secret Pink, Vanguard, American Express, BMW and Home goods among others. More details can be found on her about.me page.

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