Chris Burch Has Turned A Remote Indonesian Island Into The World’s Best Hotel Place

When the property hosting Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island in Indonesia was first purposed, it was just a hostel owned by a few people in New Jersey. Four years later it’s become the “World’s Best Hotel” according to Business Insider, and it’s no surprise at all after you’ve walked down it’s beaches and stayed in one of its vacation beach houses. It’s because you see the beautiful ocean laid out before you, an island with paths that take you to nature’s garden places and even to spas where you might get a massage next to a waterfall, although it’s also perfectly fine to get them in your own quarters. But just about everything you could write about in a book can be found at this island, and all because Chris Burch invested in it to make it what it is.  Read more about this island resort, hit on

Chris Burch’s business investments go back quite a ways to when he was a young man finishing up college. He had taken a liking to a local factory that made sweaters and he would sell them for a $5 profit around campus, and in time this small business grew into a major retailer known as Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch sold the company after 23 years of running it and then started buying shares in other startups like the Internet Capital Group and eventually in the Tory Burch fashion company.  More to read on  He would later sell his shares in that company too and then start a unique venture capital firm known as Burch Creative Capital. Companies in the portfolio of this company include Five Below, Voss Water, C. Wonder and Powermat. Burch Creative Capital also includes many of Burch’s real estate holdings including Nihiwatu Resort.

Burch first made news on the real estate front when he partnered with Alan Faena’s company in Argentina to fund the construction of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. But he also began to look at how he could renovate houses and make large profits doing so by turning several homes for higher value including a $14 million one in Southampton that was sold at $25 million, and several homes in Nantucket, MA that reached $19 million in sales. Check for additional reading.

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Burch also helped television talk show host Ellen DeGeneres launch her own home lifestyle brand in 2014, and also donated $1.3 million to the Tilton School where he’s now listed on the Board of Trustees. Burch has also been a member of Guggenheim Partners.  For his new and follow on investment, hit

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