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Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet – Good News for Government Agencies

Posted by eastcoop on

In catching up on business news the other day, I came across a newswire article that was attention-grabbing for a couple of reasons – the first being a close association with law enforcement and the corrections community with the support they get from Securus Technologies on multiple levels. The second came from having a long career in the payment processing industry. The article reported that Securus Technologies has acquired GovPayNet, and that is good news for government agencies everywhere.

Securus Technologies, an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, is a service company headquartered near Dallas, TX that provides a variety of support solutions to approximately 3500 emergency management, law enforcement and corrections agencies across the country. Their services include making connections between individuals and agencies, biometric analysis, incident management and emergency response, information management for both agencies and the public, as well as investigation support, inmate self-service, monitoring and government payment solutions. Based on family connections with the law enforcement and corrections communities, I know that agencies which use Securus have a leg up on their commitment to protect and serve the public at large.

Having already acquired JPay, a payment processor concentrating on the corrections sector, in 2015, this newest acquisition of GovPayNet puts even more payment power at the fingertips of the government agencies that need it most. GovPayNet has been providing industry-leading card payment solutions to county and state government agencies for more than 20 years, and this merger of two business leaders will allow those agencies that utilize Securus Technologies to accept card payments for restitution, child support payments, traffic and criminal fines, and all manner of fees and tax payments. This move makes for the most integrated and convenient payment platform available for both agencies and the public they serve – good news, indeed.