Doe Deere Has a Colorful and Creative Approach to Beauty

Doe Deere has certainly made a huge impression in the beauty world and is known for her colorful cosmetics. She has also been dubbed the Unicorn Queen of boldly-hued makeup and has eye shadows and lip pigments from her makeup company Lime Crime that have been appealing to customers for years.


Deere is a native of Russia, and moved to New York City at the age of 17. Once she arrived in New York, she started studying fashion and eventually became the CEO of her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Doe Deere became one of the first women to become successful as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, and founded Lime Crime in 2008. She now lives in Los Angeles where her company headquarters are located, and is committed to providing customers with makeup that is made from quality ingredients. Lime Crime is completely vegan and is known for its glittery eye shadow palettes, lip colors in shades of green and blue, and eye liners in vivvid colors. The company now has nail polish and lip glosses, along with “unicorn” hair dye in a variety of pastel shades.¬†Learn more:¬†


Doe Deere shares that she got started in the business by designing clothing and eventually creating her own clothing line that she sold online. She got the idea to start making her own makeup by looking at her outfits and wanting to have cosmetics that compliment the clothing. She couldn’t find the bright hues that she was looking for from other makeup companies, so she decided to make her own.


Doe decided to start creating an independent clothing line online to share her creative interpretations with the world. She started selling her clothing online in 2004 in her eBay store. It wasn’t even a year later that she was making regular sales. Deere decided to create her own cosmetic line to match with her outfits since she had a hard time finding the colors she wanted. These days, Lime Crime is thriving through online sales, and the brand is also featured in a number of popular cosmetic stores. Deere shares that she has both U.S. and international customers, and the company is continuing to grow.


Doe Deere also encourages her customers to share pictures of themselves wearing Lime Crime makeup so that she can post them on the company’s website to inspire others. She also gives lectures and appears at beauty-centered trade shows where she shares what she’s learned with other aspiring female business owners.