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Meet Billionaire Chris Burch, the Serial Investor With a Heart for the Less Fortunate

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Nihiwatu Hotel is among the best hotels in the world. In 2016, Travel and Leisure Magazine voted it as the best Hotel in the world. Located on Sumba Island in Indonesia, the luxurious resort constitutes a twenty seven-villa estate (nihi.com).

One of the proprietors is billionaire Chris Burch who has had an eye for investment since his days at Itchica College in 1979. Together with his brother, he invested $2,000 in buying sweaters at $10 each.  He then sold them at $15 to fellow students and in retail shops. He progressively grew the business, and with time, he could make as much as $140 million in sales (http://www.bjtonline.com/business-jet-news/billionaire-chris-burch).  He also opened more than fifty retail shops of his own in which he sold the sweaters. He sold the business in 1989 at $60million.

Since then, Chris Burch has invested in other businesses in the fashion industry, technology, real estate and entertainment. He produced the film, Watch It, which was directed by Tom Flynn. He was also among the first investors in Internet IPO and online retail shops.

He is currently working on investments in organic foods, apparel, hospitality and home furnishing. He is still involved in the development of software for use with mobile phones.

In 2004, he co-founded Tory Burch fashion label with his wife. He sold the half of his 28.3 % stake in the business in 2012 when the company value was estimated to be $3.5billion.

He has also invested in technology and developed mobile phone Apps

Chris Burch has a way of turning a certain investment into a super profitable venture. In 2005, he bought a luxury home in Southampton, New York at $14million.  See architechturaldigest.com. He renovated the facility, and in four months, he sold it at $25million.

His investments are spread across the world. Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires is one of the investments he developed with a business partner. He also developed a luxury condo in Miami Beach.

The now founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital was born in 1953 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He founded Burch Creative Capital in 2012, as a brand development and venture investment company

Business/Food Industry

OSI Food Solutions: Introducing a New Production Line

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The OSI Group has several subsidiaries around the world, and one of which is the OSI Food Solutions that operates in Spain. It was announced by the OSI Food Solutions recently that a new high-capacity production line will open in the city of Toledo, Spain. The total cost of building the new production line is €17 million, and it was completed already earlier this year. The new production line, operating for a few weeks now, has been assessed by experts to increase the number of processed chicken produced by the OSI Group subsidiary. When compared, one can notice the drastic changes in the number of production. It jumped from 12,000 annual chickens to 24,000 chickens after the new production line was opened. The new production line is also seen as one of the reasons why the production of meat under the OSI Food Solutions will see a more significant increase this year. According to food experts, 45,000 tons of livestock meat can now be processed inside the new production line. There are also reports saying that the new production line will be able to manufacture jobs, providing a stable work for 20 people.

The creation of a new production line at the OSI Food Solutions headquarters in Toledo, Spain would also give an assurance to the people of Spain and Portugal that the rising demand for chicken will be met. Back at the OSI Group headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the current CEO, David McDonald, stated that they permitted for the OSI Food Solutions to expand their product line to accommodate the surging demand for chicken. They have been reviewing a chart, and it explicitly shows that the demand for chicken grew from 6% to 8%, and it continues to grow annually. The OSI Group has already anticipated this growth, and it is the reason why they decided to build a new production line.

David McDonald is proud to present the company’s newly built production line that was constructed with a lot of amenities. It is situated on a 20,000 square feet wide area, with some of the most advanced tools used for chicken and other meat production. David McDonald stated that their successful operations in Spain are a proof that his decision to focus the OSI Group’s operations overseas is right. David McDonald stated that he would be keeping an eye on how the new production line will affect the industry.

Learn more: https://jobsniederrhein.de/arbeitgeber/osi-food-solutions-germany-gmbh-30039