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Entrepreneur Chris Burch Turns A $2,000 Investment Into $1.2 Billion

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Nihiwatu is a spectacular five-star resort on the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia built by entrepreneur Chris Burch and his team. Nihiwatu, which some call ‘The Edge of Wildness’, is an extraordinary place. Guests of the resort are pampered and pleased by private butlers bearing tasty, exotic food and drink. They can also luxuriate in the island’s incredible amenities. Those amenities include personalized spa treatments under a waterfall, on gorgeous milk-white, sun-kissed sandy beaches near swaying palm trees or in their private villas. There’s also personalized yoga and surf lessons, private plunge pools and a gorgeous blue lagoon.

Guests can also enjoy horseback riding on the beach at sunset or dawn, stay in a two-story treehouse replete with a bedroom, living space, balconies, bathrooms and a private infinity pool or one of the 27 private villas decorated with traditional Subanese antiques, Ikat prints and local wood and equipped with all the modern conveniences. There’s a huge indoor-outdoor entertainment area, waterfalls and access to beaches that are a surfer’s paradise or the gentler Coconut Grove Bay. All of this plus breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Nihiwatu creates instant peace of mind.

Opened in 2015, Nihiwatu, which gives guests the freedom to tailor the vacation experience they want, has twice been voted the world’s best resort. Burch says Nihiwatu has exceeded all his expectations and he plans to build similar, more easily accessible five-star resorts in Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua. Burch also built luxury homes in Palm Beach, Florida, Nantucket and Southampton, New York (architecturaldigest.com).  Plus, he has investmented in companies involved in technology, home furnishings, women’s apparel and accessories, organic food and more and brands like C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Cocoon9, Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.

Chris Burch first became involved in business in 1976 when he invested $2,000 with his brother Bob and started Eagle’s Eye apparel. Burch was attending Ithaca College at the time and began selling clothing door-to-door. The company thrived and grew. A few years later, the Swipe Group bought Eagle’s Eye apparel for $165 million. Chris Burch began making a series of excellent investments. He began by investing in the start-up the Internet Capital Group. Over the past forty years he was able to turn that $2,000 initial investment into a net worth of in excess of $1.2 billion. Chris Burch now regularly makes generous donations to charity.  More on entrepreneur.com.



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Matt Badiali and Zinc Thoughts

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Matt Badiali wants everyone he comes across to know one thing. That thing is that he considers zinc to be a metal to concentrate on. He thinks that supplies of this metal are going to be hard to find in the near future. He thinks that it’s going to be something that investors should think about in great detail. When Badiali calls zinc a “magic metal,” he’s being 100 percent serious.

Matt Badiali is a person who is aware of the strength of social media platforms as of late. He has a Facebook page that reflects that well, too. He relies on his Facebook page to keep his followers updated in many ways. He gives them the opportunity to look at postings that were put up by Banyan Hill Publishing of Delray Beach, Florida. Banyan Hill Publishing is a famed investment community that provides readers with all kinds of investment details. Its posts go into oil field developments, the oil industries of other countries, gold mines located in the United States, Freedom Checks, electricity and more. People who take the time to look at Badiali’s Facebook page can get a lot of helpful information. He frequently discusses all of the expenses that are associated with electricity in this day and age. He frequently talks about mining stocks, too.

This man has been involved with the comprehensive universe of natural resources for two incredible decades. Needless to say, his natural resource proficiency is expansive. He proudly edits an Internet newsletter that he calls “Real Wealth Strategist.” This newsletter’s readership loves hearing Badiali’s words and opinions. Visit ideamensch.com to know more about Matt Badiali

People can rapidly locate Matt Badiali on Facebook. They can just as rapidly locate him on a social media network that’s equally famous. That network is called Twitter. He’s had a Twitter account for a while now. He often posts tweets that aid his readers. His posts talk about inexpensive daily gold stock prices. They talk about sound investment paths in general. They talk about asset defense, reduced gasoline expenses, cobalt costs, silver, copper and beyond. Badiali isn’t someone who ever leaves his audience hanging. He is prolific. He has a penchant for regular activity that makes his enthusiasts feel at ease.

Matt Badiali is a writer who expresses his thoughts in a coherent and articulate manner. The people who read his articles pick up on this. That’s what keeps them interested and returning to hear more. Check this Link: https://freedomchecks.com/

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Willis Towers Watson’s New Addition; Michael Burwell

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The world of finance is a highly coveted and competitive sector. Over the years, the finance sector has rapidly experienced tremendous growth and many persons have committed their resources and time to grow their financial careers. Powerful companies have also invested highly to get the most reputable personnel to hold the top and powerful financial roles. Among the top companies that have invested heavily to get the best financial gurus is the Willis Towers Watson.


Willis Towers Watson, WTW, is leading global insurance firm. WTW understands that the financial role in their insurance and brokerage firm is a key role and should be held by only reputable and top qualified personnel. In the late 2017, WTW, named Michael Burwell as the person who will hold the Chief Financial Officer role in the company. Michael will come to replace Rodger Millay, former Chief Financial Officer, who will retire voluntarily after several years of service in WTW. Willis Towers Watson, with this big transition, is looking forward to bringing to its practice a fresh perspective and also capitalizing on Burwell’s expertise. At WTW, Michael will spearhead operations in their offices which are in over 140 states and their 40,000 staff.


Michael holds over 11 years of experience at PwC in the audit areas. Burwell, while at PwC, was in charge of assisting clients prepare their financial statements and also verify whether all the info in the financial statements was correct materially. For Burwell to remain successful in the audit field, he quickly learnt the various corporate risks in every industry and understood the companies’ strategies. Moreover, working closely with clients helped Michael learn how to handle clients effectively in an organization setup.


Still at PwC, Michael Burwell was elected to head various leadership positions in the company. The top roles he heads include Chief Operations officer role, Head Global Transformations in the New York, and Head of Transactions Services for their Automotive Industry. Michael Burwell’s experience, drive, knowledge, and expertise gave him a competitive edge in his career journey. That also is one of the reasons he will hold the coveted Chief Executive Officer role at William Towers Watson.


Michael Burwell has a BA from Michigan University in Business Administration. Michael started working for one of the Big 4 Audit Firm, PwC, immediately after graduating from college. The invaluable lessons from PwC about handling clients and incorporating the business strategies have greatly helped him rise through his career ranks.


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