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Planning Your Vacation at Chris Burch’s Island Resort

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Known as the number one vacation spot in the world, the Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island off of Indonesia is a place like you have never seen before. This island is about two times the size of Bali but is much more secluded. The white sandy beaches and rolling waves are a restful retreat for visitors. Tropical storms rarely hit the island due to the number of reefs surrounding it.

The only claim to fame this island originally had was for surfers. The waves allow them hours of enjoyment. The owners of the small inn located on it tried to bring it into the tourism spotlight by making improvements to it but the costs involved in doing so was too great. They contacted entrepreneur Chris Burch as a potential investor in the resort and his first reaction to it was apprehensive. He wasn’t sure how to turn this into what they wanted it to be.

Chris contacted his friend and colleague, James McBride, who was experienced in many hotel ventures. James visited the island with Chris and felt the same apprehension. But, together, they came up with a plan of action. Chris soon purchased the hotel and began building it up. He added small villas alongside the original hotel so that vacationers could have a home like atmosphere while there. He then added service from a small airline company to bring his visitors from the mainland of Indonesia. This helped to increase the flow of traffic to the resort.

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Working constantly to oblige his patrons and increase his earnings, Chris added many amenities to the resort. The restaurant he installed features fare from all parts of the globe as well as many of the local foods. Employees have stated that Chris is always thinking of new things and each time he visits they know more work will be done. Additional article on medium.com.

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Advisers Like Ted Bauman Make Banyan Hill Better Than the Rest

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Ted Bauman has always been good with money. Presently he is a renowned expert in managing, producing, and protecting wealth. Over his illustrious career he has helped millions of people gain control of their finances. Ted Bauman is a distinguished businessman, blessed with a wealth of knowledge. He graduated the State University of New York with a BS in business administration, immigrated South Africa where he earned two postgraduate degrees in economics and history, and finally earned an MBA in finance from Georgia State University. Over a 25 year span Bauman managed the funds of a variety of businesses. In 2013 Ted Bauman became an editor for Baynan Hill Pubishing, and has been offering his expert advice to its readers since. Bauman and other experts form a panel of advisors, who offer their knowledge to Banyan Hill readers daily. Ted Bauman is also the editor of the Bauman Letter, which offers reports on numerous financial topics.

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Banyan Hill was formed in 1998. It publishes unique investment advice that offers readers strategies they would not find anywhere else. The sites readership is around 400,000. Everyday readers access the site to receive the latest investment advice. The unorthodox methods Banyan uses in offering its advice sets it apart from other investment firms. Banyan readers tend to know things other investors do not. Banyan offers investment advice for commodities, small-cap stocks, natural resources, mid-cap stocks, option plays, undervalued U.S. businesses, and income-producing investments. Topics on its articles range from business reviews to observations on the market itself. Experts like Ted Bauman even go as far as to offer strategies for increasing retirement money, ways to protect money, and ways to leave a legacy behind for loved ones. Any topic surrounding finance is covered by Banyan Hill.

Banyan Hill’s magic comes from observation. The readers see firsthand the strategies its experts use, and then turn around and use those methods to build and protect wealth. If Bauman is any clue, these experts know the business. Most of the panel is made up of Hedge Fund Managers, technical advisors, and financial planners. They know how to move money, how to recognize good investments, how to increase profits, work in interest, and back up funds. Their knowledge is not just literal but practical making them the best equipped to offer advice. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ted-bauman/