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AvaTrade Review – Online Trading and Forex Broker

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AvaTrade was created and developed through a collaboration of efforts of various financial experts and professionals in web-commerce with the aim of helping online retail traders access a perfect online trading experience. The organization is guided by some set values that are stipulated to direct the manner in which the company relates to its clients, associates and also employees. The regulations are also helpful in guiding every decision taken by the firm’s management.

AvaTrade has been a leading online trading innovative manager since the year 2006. It has achieved this through dedication and value to customers’ needs and desires. AvaTrade trains and educates its clients on how to operate, control and protect their online trading particularly in cryptocurrency.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and is based and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company focuses on providing online trading services in n various materials such as commodities, bitcoin, Exchange Traded Funds, Market indices, bonds, and equities. AvaTrade has grown to the extent of having more than 200,000 accounts that it controls across the globe.

Based on recent AvaTrade reviews is a customer sensitive organization. It provides all its services with the client’s needs and preferences in mind. Its primary focus is to improve the customer’s online trading experience and equip them with skills that they can employ to become more profitable.

To achieve this, AvaTrade has a customer care service desk that runs 24 hours every day. The customer service comprises of various experts who have extensive experience in customer relations. At AvaTrade customer care desk, services are taken by specialists who have abilities to communicate in multiple languages to avoid language barrier during service delivery. Some of the languages that are commonly used in at AvaTrade customer service review include French, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch.

When creating an AvaTrade account for a new client, they are required to fill in some data. One of the critical things that are contained in this data is the currency type that the client wishes to use to manage their accounts. Some of the currencies provided include EUR, JPN, GBP, USD, and AUD.