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4 Major Investments by Christopher Burch

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The world of business and finance is a cut-throat industry. Only a few sharp and determined minds make it to the top. To survive in such an enterprise, one has to possess nerves of steel. Those who succeed are rare and great influencers. Christopher Burch is one of them. He is the renowned, founder of Burch Creative Capital, a business firm based in New York. He owns and chairs the firm. It is a brand developer. It also helps people manage their investments through sound guidance and structuring.


Burch is 65 years old. The graduate of Ithaca College was born and raised in a middle-class entrepreneur family in Bryn Mawr, PA, but now resides in Florida. He and his wife tony have several children. Perhaps his family background influenced his interest in business and each for choosing the best deals available. His high business acumen is the reason he held many positions of leadership in renowned firms throughout his adult life. For instance, he was a member the board of trustees of his Alma mater; Tilton school. He donated huge sums o money to the school. He was also a board member of the orthopedic foundation at Rothman Institute. He was also the chairperson o the board of the Pierre group of hotels.


Chris has invested in the fashion industry. His first fashion idea was a sweater line. He has a personal fashion label by the name Tory Burch. His business firm Burch creative capital was forefront in promoting many of his business ideas.

Real Estate

He along with his partner Philipe Stark built a hotel in BuenosAires in 1902. He also purchased and developed beach plots in Florida. Also, he is the owner of several luxury homes, villas and condos in and out of the USA. Chris always had an eye for the best business opportunities available. When he ventured into real estate, he simultaneously joined the construction material supply market.

Telecommunications and Mineral Water

His business ventures are many and varied. He invested in the information industry. His earliest stakes in this field were in telecommunication. He also ventures in a water bottling business, Voss water.

Christopher Burch is a multi-faceted businessman and leader. His many ventures influence the lives of households in many ways. His firm is behind the success of many business companies in the United States of America.

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