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How Robert Ivy’s Contribution to Architecture Earned Him the Lifetime Achievement Award

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On 2nd June 2018, Robert Ivy steps up on stage during the annual award ceremony held in Mississippi Institute of Arts and letters to receive this year’s lifetime achievement award. According to the institute, the award honors Mississippi natives who that have achieved tremendous success in their life, particularly if they are projects. For you to gain consideration by the institute, you must have devoted a significant part of your life towards pursuing arts and contributing towards its development. According to Nancy LaForge, the Mississippi Institute president, Robert was honored because of his contributions towards architecture.

Ivy’s contributions to architecture

Robert Ivy has dedicated his entire life to the promotion of architecture. While he has assumed different roles throughout his career life, all have had an architectural inclination. Robert has only committed to spreading awareness about architecture and helps more people, both professionals and non-professionals, understand the basic terms in architecture. Here are the three avenues through which he helped spread architectural awareness:


In 2001, Robert Ivy authored an award-winning architectural biography known as Fay Jones: Architect. The book addresses the life and works of the American Architect who looked up to Frank Lloyd Wright as a mentor. The book that is now in its third edition was one time described by the Art Library Society of North America as having upheld the highest standards of scholarship, production, and even design.


Robert Ivy served as the editor in chief for McGraw-Hills architectural publication referred to as Architectural Record that addresses the global trends in the industry. While here, Robert helped the publisher achieve global readership for the journal. Most notably, the journal grew into one of the most distributed journals in the world. He also helped the publisher open up branches in different parts of the world including translating it into such languages as Mandarin.

CEO for the American Institute of Architects

In 2011, Robert left the publication to join the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as their CEO and Executive Vice President. For the few years that Ivy has been in charge of the institute, Robert helped the institute achieve a more solid global footprint by helping them open close to seven additional international chapters in such countries as China and Canada.

This has, in turn, helped the company achieve the highest number of registered members since its inception over 160years ago. These key contributions played a significant role in helping Robert Ivy score the candidacy for this year’s Lifetime achievement award.



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