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The Investments of Vinod Gupta to the Future of Women

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Successful people opt to give back to their society in various ways. One such successful individual is Vinod Gupta who is currently the CEO of Everest Group. After being successful, Vinod sought to give back to the community that had raised him. He donated a vast sum of one million USD to the creation of the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan.

Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic was created solely to ensure that women can access educational resources. This school was established in the year 2000 and owing to its creation; women can have postgraduate courses within 24 months. This polytechnic offers studies in fields such as textile design, computer applications, information technology, and web design.

Other than that, Gupta also contributed to the establishment of a girl’s school in his hometown. As if that wasn’t enough, Vinod also facilitated the availability of all resources necessary to ensure quality education ranging from school buses to textbooks. The efforts that he has made have provided that women get the same resources and opportunities as men. This wasn’t the case when he was growing up. Closing the gender gap between men and women has allowed independent women in India to develop and secure their future in a competitive world.

Vinod Gupta is an example of a successful self-made businessman. Born in a small village in India in the year 1946, Gupta has accomplished a lot from that time to the present. After graduation, Vinod went to work at a company called Commodore Corporation. He had a breakthrough that led to the creation of the American Information Association, the name of his company. Gupta went on to establish marketing mailers and later on changed the name of his company to InfoUSA. Currently, he is the CEO of Everest Group.

Children's Lawyer

Jeff Herman: the Lawyer Who Embraced the Fight against Child Abuse

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Our societies are never pure. As a result, some form of cleansing must be carried out. Some of us have decided to cleanse the society against crimes such as child sexual abuse. For those victims who may be in pursuit of assistance, they should look no further, Jeff Herman is here to help. As a man who has represented such victims for over 20 years in counting, Jeff Herman’s portfolio as a child abuse representative is quite impressive. Jeff Herman is currently categorized as one of the lawyers who has actively championed for the rights of sexual abuse victims. As a man who has dedicated his career towards championing for the rights of his clients, he even founded Herman Law.

Background Data

It all started in 1997. Back in the day, Jeff Herman was a lawyer whose services were mostly procured by business institutions. Nevertheless, one day life took a significant turn. A four-year-old child had been defiled by one of the school employees. Due to the pain that emerges from such a scenario, the parent decided to seek justice. With that as the case, Jeff Herman got involved, and he took up the case. Nevertheless, this was Jeff Herman’s first case regarding child abuse. While in pursuit of justice for the four-year-old child, Jeff Herman decided to embrace the fight against child abuse. Many people had been suffering in silence, but all these problems should come to an end either way.

More about Jeff Herman

As a visionary who has a dream of a better tomorrow, Jeff Herman believes that combating child abuse through all means possible will one day come in handy while trying to eradicate the child abuse menace. By founding Herman Law, Jeff Herman and his team are confident that justice will be served at all times to those who deserve it. Moreover, by adhering to his life’s calling, Jeff Herman has been of great assistance to many individuals who would have been suffering in silence if not for his intervention. Nevertheless, the children in the society make up tomorrow’s future and society. By assisting child abuse victims and trying to end the child abuse menace, Jeff Herman has played a significant role in the formation of a better tomorrow.