ClassDojo Brings Amazing Results

ClassDojo is a remarkable app created in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary has been a boon to parents, teachers, and students in keeping communications alive and informative during school hours. The app allows non-English speaking parents to be in contact with the classroom teacher on a regular and productive basis. It also is a great tool for improving student skills during the process of letting parents in on what is going on in the classroom.

Teachers can make anything available to parents such as “in process” classroom activities, pictures, videos, and any other activity deemed appropriated. For example, the teacher could make a math exercise available to parents so they can be aware of what the student is doing and so they might also be of help with homework.

If a parent has a question for a teacher about anything, they can simply send a note through ClassDojo and the teacher can answer accordingly. It allows teachers a platform where they can pick and choose what activities they wish to include. Students can be publically rewarded too with the ClassDojo which makes for encouraging and bolstering good achievement.

The overall mission of the ClassDojo app is to enhance the building of community between teachers, families and school personnel. ClassDojo is currently being utilized in over 90 percent of American classrooms and in over 180 countries, in 35 different languages.

Teachers can create “classes” which contain specialized topics designed by the teacher for the student to accomplish. If a student needs specialized help or a certain direction of study, the teacher can individualize and tailor the lesson. By making the process transparent and available to parents, a special trust is created which causes a unique process to occur. When parents are involved in this process, students become more responsive and do better with their schoolwork.

The ClassDojo operates at a Bank Security level so that the best possible security is in place at all times. Privacy is a very important aspect of the ClassDojo program as sensitive information is being used throughout the process. ClassDojo is in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.