A brief definition of Mr. Luis Carlos Trabuco

     On October the six of nineteen fifty one, a man by the name of Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born into this world. He was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo Brazil, and today, Luis Carlos Trabuco is currently at the age of sixty-six. This man earned a diploma in Politics and Sociology. In the month of March on the tenth day in the year of two thousand and nine, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the Chief Executive Officer, and he has a legal history within his native country of Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco illegally dodged a tax fine of nine hundred and eleven million dollars, participating in a scheme to try and avoid this fine from the Tax Revenue Service of his native Brazil. This man is known as one of the most powerful brokers within the Brazilian nation. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also has history working in worldwide associations such as being President of the second largest Brazilian bank within the country, and his spouse’s name is Ana Maria Veloso Cappi, whom has recently died on the first of December in the year of two-thousand thirteen. They have one daughter together by the name of Maria Emilia Veloso Cappi. Mr. Trabuco is also currently the CEO of a Brazilian bank which goes by the name of Banco Bradesco, located in Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was also founded in the year of 1943. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been the chairman of the board of this bank eversince October the third of the year two-thousand and seventeen. He is a successful entrepreneur within his native country country of Brazil, with skills in leadership, as well as in being a good businessman. Luiz has been working at Banco Bradesco ever since the month of April in the year of nineteen sixty nine. Luiz also has accomplished a degree in literature and in science, and he began working in his career when he was only seventeen years of age, working as a clerk. He then worked his way up in his job to a marketing Director position, and the bank he works for has definitely progressed over the years, all thanks to him. Soon Mr. Trabuco will retire and it has been rearranged, and he plans to perform more work doing charitable community service work, while his focus is still on the bank to this day. Because of Luiz’s hard work and effort, the bank that he works for has had a huge, progressive, positive growth throughout the years. When Luiz finally leaves the bank of bradesco there are a number of uncertainties expected due to his departure. Employees of the bank are beginning to feel as though they will face a number of new challenges in the near future without their worker of excellence, yet, they still know that their stability will not perish.

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