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Who Exactly is Krishen Iyer?

Posted by eastcoop on

Krishen Iyer has had many accomplishments throughout his life. He is a California native, known for his expertise in digital marketing and is an entrepreneur and humanitarian. He also attended and received a degree from San Diego State University. Iyer is the founder of Quick Link Marketing, that is now renamed Managed Benefits Services, which assist different insurance companies with marketing consultation and also assist with the production of leads


Krishen Iyer has an extensive investment portfolio owning Iyer Real Estate Co. and always finding ways to invest in other companies. He is a humble family man, and he believes his kids are one of his biggest accomplishments. Throughout his career, he has developed and perfected his skill for catering to his consumers and finding the their need. Once the company Quick Link Marketing was established it became extremely lucrative after about 2 years. Iyer states he never starts a business endeavor with uncertainty, it is not conducive to the outcome of production.


He is extremely innovative when it comes to generating new and creative marketing strategies. He uses all of the data from the company he is working with to come up with new methods of marketing to expand their consumer base. Iyer’s positive approach to life has helped him gain an upper hand in the industry. He is a knowledgeable individual who continues to open his mind by learning something new any chance he gets. Iyer takes the time to not only invest in companies, but he also likes to give back to his community as well. He is inspired by other major companies such as Amazon, and their methods of expansion. Growth is key in any industry, Iyer is an example of how perfecting your skill can elevate you to new levels.