Anthony C. Constantinou: Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Anthony C. Constantinou was born on the 1st of July, 1984. He has dual citizenship of both Cyprus and England. He speaks fluent English and Greek and currently acts as the lecturer (Assistant Professor) and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence working at the Queen Mary University of London.

Under Bayesian Intelligence, Constantinou’s interests are in intelligent decision making that’s made under uncertainty and causal discovery. He collaborates with industrial organization and academics globally while applying his research to a lot of areas such as economics, sports, finance, gaming, and medicine.

Constantinou is an experienced young fellow. While he is presently the head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at London’s Queen Mary University, he has also managed to hold other prestigious positions such as the Consultant in Bayesian Networks and Rating Systems, Portfolio Landlord and Property Investor, and the Research Assistant in Post-Doctoral courses.

The above is not all. Constantinou has also been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow before, Associate Consultant, Decision Scientist, and a Teaching Assistant. While many may not know it, he has also managed to serve as a soldier working as the National Guard of Greek-Cypriot.

Anthony C. Constantinou qualifications are impressive. He holds a Ph.D. in Bayesian Networks, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and a BSc in Computer Science. He also has various certificates under his names such as Certificates in Game Theory, Probabilistic Graphic Models, Machine Learning, Electronic Engineering, and CCNA Exploration.

When it comes to honors, grants, and awards, Constantinou has managed to receive a couple of them. In 2009, he was awarded a three-year scholarship by the EPSRC in addition to a distinction for Msc in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This was later followed by other grants and fellowship to work of various research projects. Early this year, he was appointed by the Alan Turing Institute to the position of a Turing Fellow.