Anthony Constantinou Of The Queen Mary University Of London


Anthony Constantinou has spent a year lecturing Machine Learning and Data Mining at the Queen Mary University of London. Before being a lecturer, he spent four years as a research fellow. He worked on an NIHR project at the London School of Medicine and Dentistry for almost two years. He worked on an ERC project at the School of EECS for the remainder of those four years and five months. He has spent the past three years freelancing as a consultant.

Anthony Constantinou has a Doctor of Philosophy from the Queen Mary, University of London. He got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, then a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics from the University of Hertfordshire.

He is endorsed by Miguel Martinez in Machine Learning, Daniel Polani in Artificial Intelligence, and several colleagues at the Queen Mary University of London. Anthony’s skills include Bayesian statistics, decision analysis, decision sciences, game theory and several other skills.

Anthony Constantinou teaches Data Analytics to undergraduates and postgraduates, which involves techniques, tools and using data analysis to make industrial and business decisions. He mainly researches Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, along with game theory, casual discovery, and data and decision sciences. He applies this research to gaming, medicine, forensics, project management and several other fields.

He also has numerous publications over these past six years such as ‘Things To Know About Bayesian Networks’, ‘An Improved Method For Solving Hybrid Influencing Diagrams’, and ‘Dolores: A Model That Predicts Football Match Outcomes From All Over The World’.


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