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Vijay Eswaran Started A Business Based On Methods He Initially Doubted

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Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies. He is a member of several organizations, and has received many awards. The foundations he’s a part of work with international and local NGOs. They are focused on well-being and community development, special education, youth development, and child mentoring.

How Did He Come Up With The Idea For His Company?

The idea of QI came from QNET,Vijay Eswaran got involved in network marketing during his time in college as an undergraduate. Initially Eswaran did not believe in network marketing. After he was exposed to quite a few presentations and sessions in a year, he developed a passion for it. He had previously doubted the effectiveness of direct selling. When he realized the methods did work, he started looking for opportunity as an economist. Immediately, he was seeking solutions from a global stand point.

Challenges In Society

Vijsy Eswaran says employment is one of biggest obstacles today. Employment has grown so much over the past century, however technology has as well. Automation, computerization, and factory closures are all effecting the need for people on jobs. He says that entrepreneurship is something he has always been interested in. It goes back to when he was in college, but the idea to go ahead and start the company stemmed from him not wanting to be poor anymore. He wanted to make lots of money.

Typical Days For Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran says he no longer has a typical day. Nowadays he could be waking up anywhere in the world. His climate or weather could be different, and he could be speaking another language and meeting different people. Because of how things work today he is able to stay on top of current events in the company by simply looking at his smart phone. His day usually begins with the phone.