Steve Ritchie : Creating a route to bring back Papa John’s

In the wake of an internal scandal that has put the pizza giant Papa John’s in a negative light so has the announcement that the company will now be under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie. Steve was formerly the president of Papa John’s before accepting his new role, however, his relationship with the company spans since the 1990s where Steve worked as an hourly wage worker answering customer service calls from a cubicle. Wanting to have a more direct role with the company, Steve would go on to own and operate his own Papa John’s franchise. However, his first few weeks as CEO were not met with celebration by Steve, but with the drive to bring respect and understanding back to the company in the form of an apology letter to employees and customers alike.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie is quick to state that there is no excuse for the offensive words spoken by a former employee of the company, but to place blame on all its staff and employees is not right. He reminds the public that the people working at these locations are our sisters, sons, and fathers. Although the issue surrounding the words that have hurt so many cannot and will not go unfixed. Therefore the company will be hiring experts to audit all their locations in order to bring a clear understanding of the company culture. In addition, Steve Ritchie along with his top senior management division will hit the road to visit as many locations as possible, interacting with both employees and customers to better formulate a plan moving forward. Lastly, Steve Ritchie promises that under his leadership, the company will attempt to be more transparent with their customers about internal issues. There is no doubt that this new leadership of action has brought some respect back to the Papa John’s brand.