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How Jeremy Goldstein has Redefined Mergers and Acquisitions in Financial World

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Corporate America is one of the fastest growing corporate spaces in the world. However, it is also home to new trends. Some of the trends that have dominated the corporate scene are — acquisitions and mergers. The success story of these two niches is incomplete without mentioning Jeremy Goldstein. As part of the best and the fastest growing law firms — Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates — he is part of the professionals that have enabled corporate America synonymous with systems and better practices, especially during transitions.



Cornell University graduate is one of the people that have been instrumental in assisting companies in transitions. Thirteen years ago, there was a paradigm shift in the corporate world, and Jeremy Goldstein is one of the professionals that have made the trend smooth and less costly to individual companies. He was part of the first professional group of advocates to handle corporate matters. Due to his brilliance approach to this business niche — Goldstein is one of the most successful attorneys in this niche. He is also one of the few attorneys that have handled many cases and more importantly — high-end cases. Thanks to his belief system and his passion for protecting his client’s interests, he has unmatched referral rate in this right niche.



His interpretation of success is interesting —, especially for a law firm. Jeremy Goldstein believes that for a transaction to be successful, it must have the following characteristics. First, he is a believer in sustainability. In each transition case, he is interested to see the bigger picture and more importantly — how the deal will affect the company’s future. Second, he is a believer in equity. Although the primary goal is to protect the interests of his clients, he understands the importance of giving the other party a good deal. This interpretation — of corporate dealings — explains the reason why he is one of the most respected professionals in the mergers and acquisitions market.



Finally, Jeremy Goldstein understands the importance of having a knowledgeable team. Just like other disciplines, legal niche requires a comprehensive approach to work. In the last five years, for example, he has managed to work with some of the best teams in the legal world. His approach to hiring new talents is revolutionary. He is one of the few professionals that look for commitments and passion for the professionals before qualifications. This approach does not mean he is not keen on academic qualifications. In his team, for example, he has one of the best researchers, financial pundits and some of the best attorneys in the finance department.


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Entrepreneur's Insights/Business Charity

Perry Mandera Leads by Example on Charity

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Perry Mandera dropped out high school in 1975 so he could join the Marines. He worked in logistics, an area he found he had an interest in. After receiving his honorable discharge at 25, Perry Mandera founded his own transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc. in the Chicago area. They offer multiple types of trucks and other forms of transportation for freight for their clients. The company has a revenue stream of over $200 million annually and works with clients big and small.

Many of the core values the companies culture is built from stem from Mandera’s leadership. His own value system is strongly shaped by his military experience and his faith. Perry Mandera tries to spread these values around. Those values include hard work, treating clients like partners instead of customers, innovation and charity.

Charity is one of the strongest values Perry Mandera has brought to his company. Mandera leads by example, donating generously to many causes he believes in as well as dedicating his time and experience to helping organize various charities. The Custom Companies, Inc. has its own charitable wing, Custom Cares Charities Inc., which focuses on many areas of philanthropy, from veterans assistance to disability assistance to disaster relief (Twitter).

His employees are treated as valuable team members no matter their role, with respect being to by word for interaction. They are also encouraged to be charitable themselves, and follow through. From donation drives for hurricane Katrina relief to disaster relief efforts after the California wildfires, employees of The Custom Companies, Inc. have stepped up and met their founders example numerous times.

Mandera also supports many Chicago-based charities that work to solve the cities numerous problems. He donates to many youth groups, particularly the Mercy House for Boys and Girls. Mercy is over a century old and works to house and train homeless teenagers to help get them off the streets and into a position where they can support themselves. Mandera is also active in charities centered around law enforcement and criminal rehabilitation, particularly among teenagers. Mandera also supports many educational and extracurricular programs at schools around the city.

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Health and Wellness/Biotechnology

Dr. Dov Rand and His Area of Specialty

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Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist physician who takes care of patients who are ill with an aging illness such as low testosterone levels. His specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. When he takes care of a patient, he does not often give the patient medication. Dr. Rand looks to be a positive role model for his patients. When he requests a patient to change his diet and exercise, he likes to say that he has done so and benefits extraordinarily from the diet and exercise change. Dr. Dov Rand is someone who takes care of patients in an office setting.

Instead of giving patients with low testosterone levels traditional hormone replacements, Dr. Rand attempts to replace the testosterone with the same quality of hormone naturally produced by the body. Dr. Rand does not like to medicate his patients. Instead, he would rather see them change their diets and begin exercising more. These 2 factors alone could not replace the hormone levels that come with having low testosterone.

When a man has low testosterone it can affect other areas of his life. By this we mean he does not sleep as he should. Studies have shown that low testosterone levels can cause insomnia as well as low libido. When a man has insomnia, it can lead to other and often serious medical conditions.These factors are why Dr. Dov Rand practices medicine in the specialty of physical rehabilitation. He has a private practice which allows him to be more in depth when it comes to treating his patients. Another area Dr. Rand likes to practice is to continue his education.

Dr. Rand attends seminars throughout the year. He learned early on in his career he should continue his education. So, this is why he does not recommend anyone thinking of getting into physical medicine and rehabilitation rely on the education received in their college courses. He thinks it is important for them to attend seminars on physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Dov Rand is one of the best in his field. He is because of his continued education.

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Entrepreneur/Blockchain Technology/computer scientist

Serge Belamant’s Contribution to Technology

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Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur and a computer scientist. He was born in the year 1953 in Tulle, France. His family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. During this transition, Serge Belamant had to learn English from scratch. He attended Highlands North high school for boys. He was an exemplary student in school, and he also enjoyed sports such as rugby and chess. After graduating high school, he joined Witwatersrand University to study engineering but then changed to computer science and applied mathematics in his second year. In his third year, he transferred to the University of South Africa to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information systems but never really graduated. See more of Serge Belamant at

Serge Belamant started working at the age of 22, and his first job was at Matrix, a civil engineering company. During his time here, Belamant came up with applications used to analyze the level of water in dams that helped in the prediction and prevention of droughts. His skills in computers piloted real breakthroughs in statistical methods, digital mapping and developing graphics interfaces that improved road network analysis. He was offered a job to be the head of the computer department for the Vereeniging and Witwatersrand road development project.

He moved on to work as the head analyst for the ESKOM division at Control Data. During his time at DATABANK, he developed a scientifically based financial system using control data equipment. He later became a consultant for Bancorp to take care of risk management. To do this, he created a program that tested the sustainability of an enterprise and analyzed risk. His star shined brightest at SASWITCH.

He was the head of IT, and during his tenure at SASWITCH, Serge Belamant created a new nationalized ATM switch for RSA Bank. The new switch ran on parallel processing systems and error tolerant hardware. His work at RSA Bank changed communications procedures used by every bank in South Africa. In October 1989, Serge Belamant started his own company, NET1 Technologies. He is one of the founding fathers of the blockchain technology which has revolutionized banking today.

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Press Release Resource: 5 Distinct Procedures to Promote Your Content

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Connecting right into the networking is your perfect technique to enable the word out concerning your company. Although you understand it is an effective approach to market your brand, you could not be sure of just how you’re likely to have your story from the hands of those specialists.

When you are done crafting your news releases, you need to discover techniques of exactly how you have the ability to promote it so folks will be familiar with you and also your items. Find which way of best press release distribution is excellent for your initiative.

You might attempt one or all these 3 methods of distributing a discharge.

Disperse with your stations.

But if you presently have your fans, then utilize your stations to alert them of your releases.

An amazing method to start this is by putting your launches on your website, websites, newsroom and also throughout your social networking web pages.

Enable individuals to register for an RSS feeds or email subscription, which indicates they can obtain updates concerning your brand.

Guarantee your terminals have social share buttons to promote your audiences to discuss your releases– leverage on using social networking. You have the ability to join online forums, communities, as well as discussions to market your web content.

Immediate media book.

It is feasible to utilize the aid of companies which provide a direct relate to all the media.

These services enable your launches to possess ensured vulnerability.

Pitch right into journalists.

Pitching to reporters is a well-known technique of media release circulation.

Identify reporters and also books to join in. Connect with people that compose on your organisation to improve the chance of obtaining advertising. Do a bit of study, like what beat they pay, passions, as well as additionally their newest job.

Attach on the social networking networks they are active in. Socialize with each other as well as make certain that you speak about and talk about their short articles.

When you pitch, customize your pitch by directly calling them by their name. Mention common shared or friends relationships. You can additionally discuss about their newest work that concerns your story or the one which recorded your interest.

Your pitch ought to be short and also succinct. Explain why their subscribers will certainly obtain curious about your story. Include 3 bullet factors which outline your information.

They do not such as to start the email with add-ons from people they do not know since it can have viruses.

Do not call them because it is not simply ideal to interrupt them if they’re hectic working in their target dates.

Usage online distribution stations.

This is the most basic approach which you might attempt; also you are a startup or small firm. Newswire is amongst the internet distribution web sites which use this service. They help brands as well as individuals in acquiring their tale encountering top networks and also journalists that publish them.

One of the most noticeable benefit of internet supply is improving your seo (search engine optimization ). You get back links from websites which publish your details, which will certainly be wonderful to your SEO. Making use of targeted keyword phrases in addition makes your info visible on the different online search engine.

Reach out to blog writers
A project called influencer marketing is a favorite approach to disperse your launches throughout the help of influencers or blog writers.

In situation you have actually obtained a brand-new product appearing, after that you could send them totally free samples to ensure that they could create a review or point of views regarding it and also discuss it with their followers on social networking stations. It is among the very best advertising and marketing online now as well as you ought to be using it to enhance your brand name.

But research them if they’re a fantastic suit for you in addition to their visitors. Celebrate their interaction with their fans to figure out whether they might develop the participation which you wish to your brand name.

If you disperse your releases, then make sure you check its development and also end results. Select the one or make use of every one of them so long as they help you to acquire your goals.


Article Title: The RealReal Makes More Strides In The Fashion Industry

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The RealReal has spent about 10 years building up its reputation as the premier company in the discount luxury market. The RealReal operates in the reselling/thrifting industry and is known for offering high-end, quality brands to customers. Shoppers can find brands like Stella McCartney on the RealReal website, which an eCommerce consignment store. The company has led the way for the fashion industry to promote the values customers prioritize.

2019 has brought about more advanced in the circular economy when it comes to fashion. The RealReal is a leader in this concept and the success of the company is a clear indication for the future of fashion. In addition its virtual shopping sites, The RealReal has extravagant showrooms and curated live stores that include thousands of quality pieces. Whether customers are shopping online or in-store, they’ll find great deals on clothing, shoes and accessories. The RealReal also has a team of gemologists that carefully inspect the jewelry to ensure authenticity.

The resale concept The RealReal is known for has been featured in popular publications including Forbes, Fortune, the New York Times and even Netflix. Resale is no longer an underground market or a practice reserved for local thrift stores. The increasing popularity of resale means that resellers have to keep up with customer demand for sustainable clothing and jewelry. The fashion industry has long been dominated by fast fashion and department stores; now, reselling taking over and providing consumers with sustainable pieces for a fraction of the original cost.

A 2019 ThredUp Report concerning the fashion resale market and the future success of resale fashion indicates that there has been a 15% increase in the this form of shopping from 2015 to 2018. Fast Company’s Elizabeth Segran stated that shopping has been seen as a luxury practice over the years because of the price of shoes, clothing and accessories. Now that secondhand shopping is no longer taboo, The RealReal can expect to both retain and attract customers in the coming years.

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Marc Beer, The Health Expert

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Marc Beer is currently the president of the privately owned compny, the LumeNXT. This compny focuses on production of surgical equipment used to perform minimal surgeries. With intensive skills, knowledge and experience in biotechnology as well in pharmaceutical, Marc Beer is best suitable for the management of running of this company with a goal of expanding it to higher levels.


LumeNXT utilizes the use of high-quality illumination platform to compact heart mechanisms which have improves the quality of performing surgical precision. The illumination technology helps in visualization as well as giving various options in time of operations contrary the ordinary ways of carrying out operations.


In his previous work, Marc Beer enhanced growth, success and expansion of organizations under his leadership. He is an experienced co-founder of various firms which thrive well under his management from scratch to fit international levels. His determination alongside robust experience will be experienced in growth and smooth running of LumeNXT.


Marc Beer also serves as the CEO of Renovia Inc. He established this company in 2016 with an aim of assisting women living in pelvic floor conditions. He achieved this through innovating digital therapeutic and diagnosis equipment used in determining the best treatment to offer to compact these disorders.


Before founding Renovia, Marc Beer was the chairman of a clinical biopharmaceutical firm which majored in offering treatment to patients with central nervous system infections, the Minerva Neurosciences. This compny was in charge of performing various procedures to compact major depression and mood disorders.


Marc Beer has been the top leaders in biopharmaceutical field undertaking major roles in business launching which purpose to address diseases facing various people globally. Other services included primary public offerings, international expansions and acquisitions. He held positions such as the president of AEGERION pharmaceuticals. This company focused on creating new technologies needed to compact rare diseases faced by patients globally. In addition, Marc Beer has held top position in numerous companies which work to innovate ways to compact different types of diseases.


What makes Marc Beer to remain productive in his field allocation of resources as well as availability of enough capital to perform various investments. He proves how it may be a difficult task to establish these advanced health facilities without enough capital to run and operates them.


Marc Beer advises people who wish to invest in the field of health to focus on requirements and implement the use of technology and work to makes sure everything is achieved. She cautions people not to take shortcuts in this field in order to attain greatness in this field. Great focus on talent acquisition is one of the thing done by Marc Beer day after the other.



Article Title: Passive Income And An Improving Economy Mark The Rise Of Brazil

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The improving Brazilian economy since the positive changes made following the disaster of the New Economic Matrix in the first years of the 21st-century is giving the investor Igor Cornelsen cause for happiness. The man who has spent the majority of his career extolling the virtues of obtaining a passive income continues to grow his portfolio with long-term investments. As the head of Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen is building on the educational opportunities he offers clients intent on following his positive example.

Igor Cornelsen may not be a household name in the U.S. but for investors around the world, he is one of the most respected names on the markets. Over the course of a 40-year career, Igor Cornelsen spent his time building on the investments he was known for sourcing in developing nations and non-traditional markets. Whether working with major corporations, banks, or some of the world’s leading brokerages, the Brazilian financial expert did not chase the quick turnaround of short-term investments many modern brokers chase at all times.

Now in his retirement in Florida, Cornelsen has not been willing to give up his interests in investing and remains intent on providing new options for his clients at Bainbridge Investments. Igor Cornelsen believes investing should be an activity the person providing the funds plays an active role throughout the building and maintaining of a portfolio. The problem faced by many is the quick movement of funds by brokers intent on chasing a fast buck instead of focusing on the long-term success offered by a passive investment option. Through educational opportunities offered throughout his time with Bainbridge, clients of Igor Cornelsen spend their time learning how a properly sourced investment opportunity can provide success for years to come. The passive income for those investing in Brazil remains tied to the continued success of an economy growing at a fast rate on the back of a positive approach to fiscal policies.

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Entrepreneur/Founder/Blockchain Technology

How Serge Belamant Co-founded Zilch

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Serge Belamant is a patent holder in blockchain technology. He was born in Tulle, French, but he later migrated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. At the time, Serge’s father had decided to look for work as a tiling worker, so he moved his family to South Africa. Serge studied computer sciences at Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. Belamant has served an array of companies in various industries during his career life. He is well-known for his passion and expertise in coding a digital financial transaction program. Belamant has played a significant role in creating several technological improvements that have significantly impacted the banking industry across the globe and the commercial banking sector. See more on

Net1 UEPS Technologies

Serge Belamant is the founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies, which was established in 1989. The firm focused on the development of universal electronic payment systems (UEPS). Due to his vast skills and experience in designing UEPS, Belamant was approached by VISA in 1995 to create a chip offline pre-authorized card. Belamant worked with Net1 at the turn of the millennium to design a payment system that enables the transfer of grants and welfare funds across South Africa. The system has become popular in several countries like Russia and Iraq. The most recent venture by Serge is Zilch Technologies. He also serves on the board of advisors for Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings.

Zilch Technologies

Surprisingly, the idea of starting this business originated from his son, Philip who is an IT engineer. Serge Belamant explains that they were discussing with his son after graduating the influence of social media in the modern world and how it can influence financial products to the young generation using an interface and language they can easily comprehend. That, according to Serge, marked the birth of Zilch. The idea of Zilch has been refined over time, and its tools have also evolved to offer quality user-experience.

The business took some time before bringing in profits, but Serge Belamant waited and took advantage to learn. Serge also admits that he experienced self-doubt when he was starting the business. He warns entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting against the fear of failure because it prevents people from achieving anything significant.

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The Success Story of Attorney Todd Levine

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A well-known member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, and notable litigator is Todd Levine. The man is an expert when it comes to solving different kinds of complex and intricate business disagreements and knows how to solve any kind of argument in the most practical and efficient way. Todd Levine has received tons of accomplishments and awards because of his hard work and dedication to commercial real estate litigation. Levine and Kluger Kaplan represents clients that buys real estates, sells real estates, property managers, real estate brokers, investors, contractors, and lending institutions in debates that are related to real estate agreements and projects worldwide. He has experience working directly with various investment partnerships as well as particular arrangements in the world of finance.

In addition to this, Todd Levine also focuses on handling controversies regarding sports and entertainment. He knows exactly what to do with these kinds of situations because of the creative, wide, and analytical mindset that he uses in building his unique strategies for his clients. Todd Levine is also known for being professional and truthful when it comes to serving each of his clients. Todd Levine gives people clarity and justice throughout the years and has helped them live a better life by solving their problems and standing up for them. Furthermore, Kluger Kaplan was able to thrive because of their industrious and diligent team of litigators who prioritizes the needs and requirements of every client. His team focuses on giving excellent results and in operating proactively.

The daily practice of Kluger Kaplan is to fight for their clients’ rights and to represent them with confidence in the court. Each of them is working to win for their clients and maintains their primary objectives and goals in mind at all times. Todd Levine is not just a professional litigator, he is also a talented and skilled man who has a passion for music and art. He knows how to play the guitar and appreciate art during his free time. Todd Levine balances his work, passion, and family time in the best way possible by maximizing his potential each day.

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