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Tim Ioannides And The Dermatology Stories Of 2018

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There were a lot of important stories that came out in 2018 when it comes to dermatology. Many of them had dermatologists like Dr. Tim Ioannides is excited about the prospects of for some of the discoveries. Some of these stories may have changed how different dermatological issues forever. View Related Info Here.

For instance, scientists have discovered that treating acne with antibiotics is a bad idea. For many years, dermatologists treated acne like an infection but this has been a bad mistake as it can cause some bad inflammatory reactions in the patients who are taking them. They discovered that the counts of the bacteria related to acne do not correlate to the severity of acne that patients were dealing with.

With the rise of antibiotic resistance, taking antibiotics should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. This will prevent more bacteria from developing resistance to treatment and creating super bacteria that can be deadly. Not only is this a concern among humans, but it’s also a concern in the world of veterinary medicine as well. Even though dermatologists only make up around 1% of physicians in the United States but they write out about 5% of the total prescriptions for oral antibiotics each year.

Tim Ioannides, MD has had more than a decade and a half of experience in Dermatology on the Treasure Coast. He founded Treasure Coast Dermatology which takes a proactive approach when it comes to medical care and has multiple locations.

Tim Ioannides graduated from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine with his medical degree and completed his medical internship at the Medicine Health Center of the University of Florida’s School of Medicine. The American Board of Dermatology has certified Dr. Tim Ioannides in dermatology.

Tim Ioannides is a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the American Society for Mohs Surgery, and the American Academy of Dermatology.