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How Eric Lefkofsky Is Helping To Beat Cancer

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Eric Lefkofsky has a deep interest in trying to make cancer diagnosis and treatment after a loved one went through the process. Unlike many other people, however, he decided to do something about it. First, he founded Tempus, a technology company that has produced the world’s most extensive database of clinical and molecular data; much of this is dedicated to the area of cancer treatment and diagnosis. This was something that Mr. Lefkofsky saw as a significant need throughout the cancer treatment profession, as well as the medical profession in general.
The database helps doctors and other medical professionals in the cancer treatment niche to provide more effective treatments to their patients, backed up by high-quality data and trials. However, Tempus decided to go further than that. On top of the database, the company looks to provide some of the most precise and effective cancer diagnosis and treatment tools for doctors. This will not only help them diagnose cancer a lot earlier than they can now, but treatment will be more much precise and effective than those currently on the market.
Both Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus share the same core philosophy; to innovate rapidly and sprint toward new achievements and milestones. Since its founding, the company has also partnered with a vast network of community hospitals and medical centers focused on treating cancer. Through their work, both Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus have been able to make advancements in the likes of genome sequencing, biological modeling and more. The innovations and breakthroughs that Tempus have released have helped to personalize cancer treatment for patients across the world, making procedures more effective.
However, this isn’t the only thing that Mr. Lefkofsky has done to help beat cancer. Alongside his wife, he’s co-founded and became co-chair of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which helps advance cancer care initiatives and support communities that have been negatively affected by cancer. He’s also been on the board of trustees for some charities and businesses across Chicago focused on cancer and other health issues. Some of the more notable include Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.

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Kimberly Bakker Offers Tips On Hosting A Perfect Event

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Even though the holiday season is now behind us, it does not mean that there are no other events on the horizon. From special birthday parties to bridal showers, events are never out of season.

Founder and CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events; Kimberly Bakker, a renowned professional event planner, has some tips that will make any event a success.


Kimberly Bakker recommends making lists. She uses them in her daily life to keep her on track. Not only will you need an invitation list, but a list of things to do, a grocery list, and the menu. The lists should be as detailed as possible and easily accessible.

Look towards the past

Special touches are Bakker’s specialty. She will use her own family heirloom pieces to add that special something to her events. You can do the same. If hosting a bridal shower, do not be afraid to use Grandma’s China. It is those special touches that the guests and the guest of honor will remember.

Food for all

According to Kimberly Bakker, when planning the menu, do not forget the children that may be in attendance. It is perfectly acceptable to set up a chicken nugget and fry bar for your smallest guests to enjoy. Not only will the children be happy, so will their parents. Also, do not get tied up serving specialty cocktails all evening. Make an alcoholic based punch and let the guests serve themselves. This allows you more time to enjoy your guests.

Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting sets the mood. You want to make sure that all bright overhead lights are turned off. Use soft lighting for a homey and intimate feeling. Set out disposal camera throughout the room. This way you are not the full-time photographer. See Related Link for additional information.


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