Mark Holyoake is an Ibiza-based British executive who owns and manages a real-estate company called Oakvest. The 46-year-old attended the University of Reading before investing in Real Estates taking advantage of the market which was expanding in the 90s.

Oakvest, which was built in 2006, buys, develops and manages both commercial and private real estates. Mark has several investments to his name, and one of his biggest projects is the Grosvenor Gardens House Building. Mark Holyoake invested in the Icelandic Sea Food Company owing to the fact that his investments are largely centered on holding companies. He hugely invests in Luxembourg and lives a lavish lifestyle in Ibiza.

Changes in the board of Iceland Seafood International

With the recent successes accompanying the transformational Solo Seafood acquisition, Seafood International decided to revise its top leadership. The transformation, which was completed in September 2008, saw the company increase the number of its shareholders. In this regards, Mike Holyoake, who is a board member of the company and one of the longest-serving largest shareholders, is expected to resign together with the company’s chairman Benedikt Sveinsson who has served in the company for over 40 years and a CEO between 2006 and 2010. This was to be determined in a shareholder meeting which was to be held in Reykjavik on 2nd February. Mike Holyoake joined the board in 2010 as a major shareholder when International Sea Holdings purchased several shares.

Nominees and expecting candidates

Among the list of people expecting slots in the board of the company is Magnus Bjarnason who at MAR advisors, holds the senior post of managing partner. He also holds a former position at Icelandic Group as its CEO. It has now ceased to operate. He served so from 2012 to 2014.

Jakob Valgeir who is a shareholder at ISI is also a nominee for membership of the board having acquired Icelanding Freezing Plants Iberica. This has identified as a subsection of Solo Seafood. The former Chief Executive Officer of Nova, a telecom company, Liv Bergthorsdottir, also features in the list of nominees. Currently, he is the chairman of WOW air, an Icelandic Airlines. Ingunn Agnes Kro, who is an Icelandic oil company’s DOC, is up for the board’s alternate membership.

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