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Market America, the shopping brokerage experts with an eye for quality

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Market America is a product brokerage company that deals with advertising of a wide range of products over the internet. The company can identify the latest trends that consumers are interested in and capitalize this on several multibillion-dollar markets. Currently, the company is mainly focused on a wide range of items like health and nutritional products, skin care, anti-aging products, pet care products and cosmetics.

Quality is a must when it comes to product requirements. The company boasts of having a quality control department that scrutinizes every production stage of products they supply. They closely monitor this until the delivery stage of the product to the customer. All their products come from trustworthy suppliers that have undertaken clinical studies and have research backings on the applications and formulations of their products. The products that are sourced naturally must be free from contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Man-made products must be free from all allergens and microbial contaminants.

The best thing about the business model that Market America adopts is that they are built around a brokerage of the product concept. Since they do not manufacture any product nor specialize in providing a particular service, they are able to focus on the demands of the customers. They have adopted the mall without walls slogan through the availability of their products across various markets.

The company believes in creating long-lasting relationships with their manufacturers and vendors. This is to ensure that they receive high-quality products consistently. Various new products continue to be launched ahead of their competition, this is thanks to their devotion to new product development. Since they normally stock their products in-house in limited quantities, they can reduce the consumer’s costs and provide products with the freshest potency.

With the constant addition of company partners stores, there exists an opportunity for small and less known retainers to offer their merchandise alongside the dominant ones. This helps in leveling the playing field for retailers while ensuring consumers around the world have a better experience when it comes to shopping and discovering new products.

Market America info: www.marketamerica.com/site/product-brokerage/


Omar Yunes Simplifies Franchising

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Success and prosperity are the ultimate goals of every businessman. A few businesses are exceptional, and they seek to give value to their clients rather than focusing on making a profit. Omar Yunes is one such individual who is ranked among the best franchise expert in the world today. Omar Yunes is a Mexican national working for Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain business. He is a proud winner of the Best Franchisee of the World Award. The award was accorded to him due to his immeasurable contributions towards the brand he represents. He opted to test the waters in franchising while he was only 21 years of age and is currently an owner of 13 franchised units in Mexico and more information click here.

Omar Yunes is a team player. Despite having received the award as an individual, Yunes attributed the efforts leading to this recognition to his treasured employees. He admits to only being the representative of the 400 employees of the 13 units he manages. Besides, the achievement, according to him, has also been fostered by his highly innovative brand and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes is a universal franchise expert. Although the 2015 BFW hosted representatives from 34 nations in the world, Omar’s efforts superseded all. Upon evaluation, his franchise’s effect regarding knowledge contributions, savings, and employees’ motivation factored in the model, and the general network impact stood tall from those of his competitors. Moreover, his model was pinpointed as being a major role player in the franchising-franchisee relationship that has led to better and clearer measurements of each franchising units and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

The success and achievements of Sushi Itto in Mexico are credited to Omar Yunes. He has received commendation on a national scale in the BFW Mexico, which is a reflection of his unceasing effort to ensure that customers enjoy world-class services.

Omar Yunes is an all-around entrepreneur. Through his service at Sushi Itto, he has mastered the art of teamwork, innovation, and leadership. As a result, he has brought about the improved processes in franchising, which has been significantly bolstered by his complete commitment and dedication and contact him.

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How Gregory Aziz Became a Manufacturing Legend

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No matter how difficult a situation may become, one look at Gregory James Aziz tells you he is ready to rise to the occasion. The CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a primary manufacturer of rail cars, is a handsome man with a penetrating gaze and silver hair swept back to resemble a lion’s mane.

With his trademark silk tie and starched white shirt, he could easily have just stepped off the page of a men’s fashion magazine. He is, in the words of an old Italian saying, “A man easy in his skin.”

Originally from London, Ontario, Gregory J. Aziz graduated in 1971 from the University of Western Ontario with a Degree in Economics. After completing his education, Greg went to work in his family’s wholesale fresh food distribution business, Affiliated Foods. During his time with the company, they expanded operations to include North and South America and Europe.


In the ‘80s, Greg used his knowledge of Economics to find employment in investment banking. One of the deals he worked on was the purchase of National Steel Car, founded in 1912, in Hamilton, Ontario. One of the major manufacturers of rail cars in its day, the company’s share of the market had dwindled.

Greg Aziz believed that, with the right management, the company could relive its glory days. He gathered the financial resources to expand and increase engineering and manufacturing. In 1994, when he took over, National Steel Car had a manufacturing capacity of approximately 3,500 rail cars a year with 600 employees. By 1999, its 3,000 employees were busy producing 12,000 cars per year.


Of his employees, Aziz says that “The National Steel Car team is our most important and valued asset.” Greg Aziz earned the devotion of his people, and shows his appreciation of their loyalty in lots of ways.


One example is the annual Christmas party for present and former employees and their families. Attended by thousands, those present demonstrate their goodwill and generosity by participating in the company’s annual food drive for the needy. Read This Page for more.

The secrets of Aziz’ success has been his workers and his devotion to innovation and quality. He understands that rail travel is a developing industry with constantly changing needs. The research and development team at National Steel Car not only keeps up the industry’s changing needs, it is able to anticipate them.


Learn More: https://www.behance.net/greg-aziz

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How Gregory James Aziz’s Idea Of Hanging Production Has Influenced The National Steel Car

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The previous line of production

The National Steel Car has been one of the few companies that have survived a century of competition yet still booming in business. From the history of the company, it had never been declared bankrupt. The company does not have any single trace of fraudulent activities, and this has been a marketing factor. Initially, the National Steel Car manufactured a specific line of railroad products. Some of the products include log stake cars, electric locomotives like trains, cars for passengers which included the ones for business and personal uses, trucks and several others. A few years later, the company started the production of aircraft parts which were sold within the country to part dealers. Click Here For More Info.

The improvement of production

Currently, the National Steel Car has shifted its focus to the manufacture of Flat cars with central beams, Gondola Car which included the famous Coal Car, intermodal cars that had multiple packs. Some of the intermodal cars had single packs. Tanks and coil cars are the major productions in the current era. In as much as the company has changed the shift of production, most of the initial products are still manufactured.

Maintaining a large customer base

Gregory James Aziz has ensured that he received several customers without losing any of them. In his tenure as the CEO, more than ten companies showed interest in being linked to the National Steel Car. One of the major reasons for this desire is the fact that the company has been outperforming all their competitors over the past few years. The rapid growth of its operations is one of the major reasons why most companies are interested in working with it. Until two decades ago, the company only worked within the Canadian market. The improvement of its operations created a positive image worldwide where more than six international companies showed interest. Greg Aziz is the mind behind the success. After taking over as the CEO, James Aziz insisted on making the National Steel Car an international company to attract a larger customer base. The fact that Gregory J Aziz desired to improve the production rates opened several opportunities to the growth and expansion of the operations. The quality of the services produced is one of the major reasons why the affiliated companies have maintained their relationships. The company has constantly won the quality production awards for the last 20 years. Adhering to the required standards of production has led to the international acceptance of its products.

See: https://about.me/greg.aziz

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Gregory Aziz’s Vast Contribution Towards National Steel Car’s Global Growth

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The pursuit of success has to be relentless and consistent. This is what drove Gregory Aziz to transform National Steel Car from a local producer to a global market leader in freight steel car production. The car industry is a competitive one, and only dedicated market leaders get to thrive. Gregory is an established entrepreneur and brand owner. He is the founding CEO and President of National Steel Industries. Though it has taken 23 years, Greg will say it’s worth it.

Achievements at National Steel Car


Since the inception of its global production, National Steel Car has managed to produce high-quality steel cars. This has been possible through the sacrificial efforts by Gregory. His name and the brand’s reputation are widely recognized. This is manifested through the brand’s certification in reflection to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. The brand has also received multiple honors from TTX SECO over the many years it has been in operation.  Read This Page.


There has been a consistent global production of steel cars over the years. Boasting of powerful and creative engineering minds, Greg Aziz’s team has managed to advance the brand’s car output consistently. Today, the company is able to deliver to the global customers about 132,000 car units. This is considered great achievement in the industry taking into account that only 3500 units were produced in the 90s. Over the same period, Greg J Aziz has managed to facilitate the increase and creation of more jobs in the firm. Currently, there are close to 3,000 staff members as opposed to 600 individuals when the brand was procured from Dofasco.


Social Interests and Associations


Besides business leadership, Greg James Aziz possesses philanthropic qualities. This is notable in a number of sponsorship programs that he has initiated in different social institutes such as Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Salvation Army, and Hamilton Opera. Mr. Aziz and his wife also fund the Royal Agricultural Show in Canada on a yearly basis. The family’s social interests made Greg initiate and consistently sponsor the company’s yearly Christmas party. They also get to invest in local food drives.




James Aziz is an experienced and accomplished business owner and leader. His contribution towards National Steel Car Growth can’t be measured by words but can only be felt in the global car market. He is a pace setter and motivational leader, not just in Canada but throughout the world. He continues to inspire and set entrepreneurial examples to many individuals today and many look up to him for motivation.


More On: http://www.lacartes.com/business/Greg-Aziz-National-Steel-Car/191944

Expert Lawyer

Karl Heideck: Life As A Litigation Attorney

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Litigation attorneys are legal professionals trained in the protection of clients’ during civil court proceedings. Whether employed by the plaintiff or defendant it is the litigation attorney’s responsibility to present his clients case to the judge in a fashion that will garner the most favorable outcome possible.

The work environment for litigation attorneys can vary greatly. A large number of these attorneys are employed by law firms that have several litigation attorneys on their roster. Other litigation attorneys may work for smaller firms or even employ themselves by way of their own private firm. On the other end of the spectrum, major corporations often have their own team of litigators.

When beginning a new case, the litigation attorney must perform a thorough investigation. This may be done by collecting witness statements, medical records or any other evidence that may help the cause of the attorney’s client. Once the evidence is collected and analyzed, the litigator will usually contact the opposing litigator in an effort to negotiate a settlement. If no agreement can be obtained the litigator will then prepare the appropriate documents to file with the court.

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Next is the discovery phase where litigators from both sides are obliged to share all evidence with their counterparts. At this time any depositions or other necessary proceedings will take place. It is quite often at this time of the process to see a settlement reach as both sides now know the depth of evidence the other possesses. If no settlement is reached at this point the trial process begins.

Karl Heideck has always been interested in the success of others. In a guide written by Heideck to aid young litigators he speaks on the importance of being humble, honest, and kind to all. He goes on to explain the value of making connections and treating them kindly.

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney serving the greater Philadelphia area. His areas of specialty are compliance and risk management. Karl Heideck received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. He later attended Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law, earning his law degree in 2009.

For more information about Karl Heideck, just click here.

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From Bumble to Weddings, Whitney Wolfe Gets Hitched

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If there is anyone out there who deserves love, it’s Whitney Wolfe. She’s the CEO and creator of popular dating app, Bumble. Bumble and Bumble BFF are apps that help women all over the country find love. It also empowers women. When it comes to those apps, women call all the shots. They are the one that initiates all conversations and decides at what pace they want to move in an online relationship. Women all over have Wolfe to thank for their success in dating. She’s made so many different relationships possible that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. She’s a champion of love and that’s why it’s so heartwarming to see her find love herself.

Everything looked like it was straight out of a fairytale including Wolfe’s gown. It was a striking white lace Oscar De La Renta gown. The gown was form fitting but flared out on the bottom. Wolfe was shroud in a matching veil. The Bumble CEO turned heads and made guests cry as soon as they caught their first glimpses of her. during the reception, Wolfe switched into a simple yet stunning silk gown so that she could be more relaxed. The ceremony took place at the Villa Treville in Positano. Wolfe and her now husband, Michael Herd tied the knot in front of their friends and family.

The whole day was breathtaking and the backdrop of the wedding was just gorgeous. It was a destination wedding where guests could have a clear view of the Italian coast. Everything was perfectly planned out. The food, drinks, decor, and more all came together in one perfect package. The planners thought of everything. The reception was covered by a canopy of lemon trees. To match, there were lemon accents on all of the dinner tables and each guest’s menu. The cake was to die for. It was a single-tiered cake that was topped with the freshest strawberries. It almost looked too good to eat.

Wolfe had been engaged since last July to the Texas oil heir. One of the most fun aspects of the wedding is the hashtag #HomeIsWhereTheHerdIs that they came up with! It was apparent to everyone that this is a couple that is strongly in love. Seeing Wolfe get married is great for all of her fans. It shows them that she knows how to find true love and therefore there’s hope for them with her popular app Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/fashion/bumble-feminist-dating-app-whitney-wolfe.html

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How to Market to Customers

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Many small business owners today want to grow their business as much as possible. Marketing has become more complicated than in years past. With so many marketing options to choose from, many companies are having to turn to experts for help and learn more about Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi is one of the leading marketing experts in Brazil today. He works for an advertising agency called Mullen Lowe. Each year, he helps hundreds of business owners who need additional marketing advice. One of the great things about José Henrique Borghi is that he understands the needs of business owners.


José Henrique Borghi

José Henrique Borghi has worked in the marketing industry for many years. Before he worked in marketing, he worked for a large corporation in a variety of roles. This experience provides a great foundation for him to help other people in the field.

José Henrique Borghi understands that small business owners are under a ton of pressure to perform. With the economy in Brazil growing rapidly, many small business owners want to take advantage of current economic trends. The best way to do that is by revamping old marketing strategies.


Investing in Marketing

Knowing how much to invest in marketing is one of the biggest decisions that any business owner can make and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi encourages business owners to spend as much as possible on productive advertising. Many business owners are surprised to learn that it does not take as much money as previously thought to improve their overall marketing and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

In the years ahead, marketing is going to continue increasing in importance. Business leaders need to learn how to market to customers in Brazil, and they need to invest as much money as possible into this initiative.

More Visit: http://cannes.meioemensagem.com.br/colaboradores/jose-henrique-borghi/

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Chris Burch Knows How To Throw A Summer Party

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If there is one thing the Hampton’s is known for its great parties. And if you plan on throwing a party there you better be willing to go all out.

Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, understood this and that is exactly what he did when he threw one of his summer parties in the Hampton’s this year. When it came to finding the right person to cater his summer party, he knew to turn to non other than chef Andrés Morataya’s.

Chef Andrés Morataya’s is known as the Panamanian beach friendly chef. He got this name because of his very unique approach to cooking.   Check tastingtable.com for related article.

Any time chef Morataya’s prepares food at his restaurant or carters it for a big party, he does so using a grill he builds himself. He uses bricks and driftwood to build his very own grill from scratch.

And while there is no shortage of modern equipment Morataya’s can use for his amazing creations, he prefers to do things his own way and build his grill from the ground up.

Burch has been so impressed with Morataya that he invited him to showcase his unique concept at his Indonesia resort, Nihi Sumba Island.

Who Is Chris Burch?

Over the last 40 years Chris Burch has been involved in numerous investment and entrepreneurial ventures. His intuitive understanding of consumer behavior combined with his knowledge of sourcing, both domestically and internationally, has played a huge role in his track record of success.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on inc.com.

Now as the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Burch has been able to draw from his 40 year career to quickly build businesses and brands that impact the lives of millions of consumers in a very positive and lasting way.  For updates on his timeline activities, click crunchbase.com

A must-read article here.

He does this through imagination, incubation and a great deal of support. Currently his company is helping develop a variety of consumer products brands that range from technology to organic foods.

Have a glimpse to one of his awesome investment visit https://www.wingsjournal.com/luxury-lifestyle-entrepreneur-chris-burch-develops-award-winning-resort

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Gregory Aziz: Two Decades of Success and Counting

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The North American economy is heavily dependent on railroads. Each day billions of dollars of commerce speeds across the continent in rail cars. National Steel Car is the company that enables this transport. They are the leading freight and tank car manufacturer in North America. Under the leadership of the incomparable Gregory James Aziz they have cemented their place as a great North American business.


People are the Key to Success

Greg J. Aziz realizes that true leadership means making informed, high-level, decisions while staying humble. He values hard work and takes pride in his contributions to the National Steel Car’s daily business. He knows that every single employee is integral to their goals and the company’s culture reflects that ideal.


The National Steel Car company knows that a great company can only come on the backs of great people. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that their workforce is dynamic, innovative, and diverse.


This philosophy has paid major dividends for CEO Greg Aziz and National Steel Car. For ten consecutive years they have been honored with the TTX SECO (Supplier Evaluation Committee) award. This award is given annually and recognizes a company’s dedication to quality service. They evaluate them on quality, cost, delivery service, finance, and administration. These awards represent a decade of commitment to customer satisfaction.


Every accomplishment that National Steel Car has earned is due to their team if dedicated individuals. The winning culture comes from the top and pours down in a torrent. The CEO, Greg James Aziz, maintains this culture. His background and accomplishments are unparalleled.


Greg Aziz Leads Through Example


Greg Aziz has a unique combination of education and experience. He graduated from the prestigious Western University with a degree in economics. He has used, and built on, what he learned there to accomplish great things.


His 23 years as CEO of National Steel Car has taught him how to build and maintain success. His accomplishments notwithstanding, he knows that a company cannot rest on its laurels. They must continue to innovate and dedicate themselves to quality. Gregory James Aziz has led National Steel Car to lead the continent in the production of tank and freight cars. Their success helps the continent’s economies thrive. See This Page.