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Madison Street Capital Offers Proper Valuation Reports

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Valuation services are quite important for businesses that are completing transactions among each other every day. These firms are in need of business intelligence that they cannot produce on their own, and they order reports from Madison Street Capital as their backup. This article explains Madison Street Capital’s reputation, their reports on business value and customer service strategy. A business that makes decisions based on what they learn from Madison Street becomes a stronger business overall.


#1: What Does Madison Street Do Every Day?


Madison Street is a research firm that looks into each new client, their competition and specific companies requested. They uncover the assets for every business, and they report on what they find. Madison Street does not allow anything to remain hidden during their search, and they will complete a total financial portrait of the companies requested, and they help their clients understand what has been reported. A long report on several different companies may be difficult to digest, and Madison Street teaches their clients to read each new report.


#2: How Does Madison Street Complete Transactions?


The Madison Street Capital offices are home to several different transactions every year. The staff at Madison Street creates a contract for mergers, sales and stock transfers. They hold cash for the sale, and they ensure both sides of the deal are treated fairly. Every business transaction must be conducted in accordance with industry standards, and the businesses involved operate from information collected by Madison Street.


#3: They Are Noted For Their Work


Madison Street has won several M&A awards over the years, and they are consistently on the short list for other awards in the financial industry. M&A work is quite difficult, and the company has built a business they may be proud of. Their leaders are industry professionals everyone looks up to, and their company will continue their work as the business world expands.


#4: Companies Flock To Madison Street Capital Every Year


Madison Street has expanded their business several times to accommodate all their clients, and they have added to their staff of expert valuation professionals, and each new client is given over to an expert who has been trained in the halls of Madison Street to research each new case properly. Only the finest of valuation experts is employed at Madison Street.


Every new client at Madison Street Capital is there to learn about their competitors, their industry and the value inherent in their work. A report built by Madison Street Capital is revealing in every way as it teaches the client something new about their industry, and it shows business people what they are dealing with as they complete mergers, sales and stock transfers.

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RPS Solutions/Kevin

Kevin Seawright is Building Homes And Communities

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There are many problems in the world that people face due to monetary restrictions that their budgets have placed on them. People sometimes can’t get the food they need or the proper shelter that they deserve. Things like this can be solved though, as we have seen with different companies and non-profits stepping in to assist those in trouble. Kevin Seawright has this gift of being successful at helping people in these situations.

He has made himself a helping presence with his past work and the new company he now runs to assist those trying to find a home.

Before working at his current job Kevin Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore, assisting in numerous position of their government. He helped with the school system, housing management, and in many other sectors for the government.

During his time holding these different positions he was able to cut spending by coming up with new ways to do things so that the government would become more efficient and save money at the same time. After his successful career in government, he then moved to the real estate market where he founded his new company RPS Solutions LLC.

RPS Solutions aims to make affordable living for the people in Baltimore. The company buys older properties and then renovates them so that they are up to date with other living options in the city.

They then offer these at low costs (compared to the market currently in Baltimore) so that people on lower incomes can actually afford to own their own home. Seawright feels that this is very important because when people own their own home they take more of a stake in their community.

When you actually own a part of the neighborhood you care more about taking care of it and making it more of a community. He hopes through his company he can make the Baltimore area a safer and friendlier place for its citizens while also providing good housing, showing the great character of Kevin Seawright.

Innovative Thinker

A Much More Innovative Thinker

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Sam Tabar is one of the brightest minds in the business world today. His skills have taken him around the globe. He has expertise in dealing with several countries including China and Japan. Tabar has an uncanny ability to relate to business men and women of other cultures. It’s this international vision that allows Sam to maximize every opportunity that presents itself.

Tabar has held several important positions with major companies. He was the head of Asia-Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch. There it was recognized that his skills in hedge fund management were unparalleled. Sam Tabar continued to shine while working as an associate attorney for Shulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

Tabar was educated at Oxford University. His education and legal training gives Tabar the instincts needed to conduct business on the highest level. It is important that executives from other companies respect the professionalism of the people they are negotiating with. Sam has proven his worthiness in this area on many occasions. The time he spent with PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong illustrated this amazing quality. Sam Tabar was able to implement strategies and training that resulted in a lucrative outcome for all parties involved.

Tabar has now turned his attention to hedge funds. He will take on the role of Capital Strategist in his new startup company THINX. THINX will look to bring a level of innovation that has yet to be seen in the industry. The company’s primary focus will be empowering women in the regions of Africa and Asia. Such a bold statement will surely inspire many individuals to respond to such groundbreaking leadership. Creating opportunities for others opens doors to possibilities that were never thought of. An inspired mind is capable of endless creativity. Tabar’s efforts will have a profound effect on many lives.

Sam was educated at Oxford University. He also studied at the Columbia School of Law. His dealings with foreign nations has provided a unique platform for Sam to absorb amazing information. He is fluent in Japanese and French. Diversity such as this allows Tabar to develop the intimate connections needed to handle worldwide business.

Business Leaders

Bruce Levenson /Ahead of the Game.

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Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis and later attended American University where he graduated with a law degree. Bruce Levenson began his career in journalism at the Washington Star while attending law school at night. Earlier in Levenson’s career he partnered up with Ed Peskowitz and co-founded United Communications Group (UCG), a privately held business information company.

United Communications Group was based in Gathersburg, Maryland in 1977 and began in Bruce Levenson’s apartment. The company initially published a newsletter, Oil Express which reported on the oil industry and its developments. In addition to other newsletters, UCG launched databases which included Oil Price Information Service. United Communications Group specializes in data, news and healthcare analysis, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking, energy, and numerous other industries.

Forbes billionaire Levenson and Peskowitz were Majority Partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC are a group of businessmen that own the professional basketball team as well as the Phillips Arena. In 2004 the Atlanta Hawks LLC formerly known as the Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks LLC from Turner Broadcasting. The Atlanta Thrashers were initially included in the deal but the NHL team was sold in 2011.

Currently a lawsuit has been filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. The lawsuit was filed by Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The former Hawk ownership group included Bruce Levenson who was a controlling partner. Bruce Levenson has three sons with wife Karen. Levenson and his wife Karen have initiated the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and the Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

Read more: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

Recycling In Brazil/Environment Friendly

Eucatex Is A Leader In Recycling In Brazil

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In 1951, in the state of Sao Paulo, Eucatex was born. Eucatex would eventually change the way Brazilian businesses treated the environment. Eucatex was started by the Maluf family. The Maluf family owned a sawmill, in those days. Sawmills were in demand because of the population growth. Brazil was a different country then. The 1950s was the beginning of Brazil’s love for soccer. The fourth World Cup was held in Brazil in 1950. The country’s first television broadcast happened that year. But the country was still in its infancy in terms of exporting and economic growth.

Eucatex was a one product company more than 60 years ago. The Maluf’s made wood ceiling tiles, from excess eucalyptus wood. The tiles were inexpensive to make, so the demand for them was greater than anyone expected. Eucatex started shipping ceiling tiles all over the country. In the late 1950s, the company started shipping them to Argentina and other South American countries.

Today Eucatex exports ceiling tiles, baseboards, doors, floorboards, paints, varnishes, and other building materials to 37 countries. Flavio Maulf, one of the descendants of the founder, is the president and CEO of the company. Flavio is an entrepreneur, but he is also an environmentalist. Maluf has turned his family-owned business into one of the leaders in the 3Rs program. The 3Rs program is the recycling, reuse, and reduce program that made its debut in the 1990s in Brazil. Maluf decided to use renewable energy in all four Eucatex factories and in all the Eucatex offices around the world.

Flavio supports the clean air agreement. Maluf continues to lease eucalyptus tree farms, so the company can replace the trees it uses to produce Eucatex products. Eucatex has leased hundred of acres just to grow trees and to maintain an eco-friendly balance in the state of Sao Paulo.

Flavio Maluf is one of the leaders in Brazil’s quest to keep the country beautiful. Maluf does that by producing products that don’t destroy that beauty. The brands that are produced by Eucatex are in demand in home improvement stores in the United States and Europe because of Maulf’s effort to honor the environment.


If You Weren’t Paying Attention To VTA Publications Before, You Might Now

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When you’re traveling the road to financial independence, you’re bound to get a mix of both good advice and bad advice. You’ve probably seen a lot of websites that have lengthy promotions about something they say is your key to starting your own business and generating your own wealth. Yet many times they mislead you, don’t give you the opportunity you expected, and usually are only concerned about making money for themselves. VTA Publications is a different kind of company that actually educates readers on investing and business ideas that actually do work.

VTA Publications is based in the UK and ships its distance learning courses to just about anywhere in the world. The topics they address are retirement, stock trading, and futures. Their retirement planning course actually uses principles from the bible and guides readers on how they can make their own retirement happen. Their stock trading courses help people learn how to use stock charts and execute their own trades, and they also share wealth about little-known futures investing. And you can find out even more about business and investing if you purchase one of their recorded seminars, featuring businessmen from all around the world.


The brains behind VTA is Jim Hunt, a man who has both worked in banking and educated himself in the world of investing. Hunt decided after years of working in a bank that he needed to show everyday investors how they could get around simply investing in a bank, and learn how to trade stocks on their own. While many people think of this as a complex trade, Hunt produces videos that he puts on YouTube explaining how stock trades can be executed, and what the different numbers mean.


To even further demonstrate how easy he believes investing can be, he’s setup two projects called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” In these two projects, Jim Hunt shows how picking the right stocks at the right time could generate huge profits. When he isn’t too busy writing information on beating the stock market or running VTA, Hunt spends time with his family and reads a lot.  Check out Jim’s YouTube page to see his practices in action.

NBA Team Insurance Case

Bruce Levenson Leads The Way In Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

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The Atlanta Hawks franchise, Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC, filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company due to a breach of contract. The former group that owned the NBA franchise claims the breach of contract involves the settlement of claims that were made by the former general manager, Danny Ferry.

The AHBE (Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC) included the previous controlling partner, Bruce Levenson. This lawsuit does not include the new and current Hawks ownership group, led by Tony Ressler.

The lawsuit, filed on September 13, is against the insurance company and is a civil action suit cited for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. AHBE has made claims that the company was insured for certain losses that were related to employment practices. These employment practices included acts of wrongful termination and workplace torts. AHBE claims that notice was given to the insurance company about claims asserted by Ferry that should have been covered.

The lawsuit states that the insurance company has refused to recognize that claims were made and also refused to recognize that the policy was supposed to be triggered. The claim also states that the insurance company refused to partake in defending said claims or accept proper coverage.

Prior controlling partner of AHBE, Bruce Levenson, is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx). He founded the company in 1977. Prior to UCG, he wrote for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He has also been the Director at TechTarget, Inc. since 2015.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and served as the President of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He is also involved in many other philanthropic endeavors. Bruce Levenson received his higher education degrees from Washington University and American University.



No More Traditional Commuting With Coworking Spaces In NYC

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As information technology became a major part of the workforce, many companies and freelancers were starting to see the cost-effectiveness of working from home instead of traveling to an office. But while this is convenient, it also could be hard for workers who started feeling more isolated or less motivated to work. So many people have looked for a balance between the grinding corporate offices and the confines of home, and now it appears they have found it. Enter coworking spaces, facilities that offer an office environment that’s different than a regular office environment.


Coworking spaces basically provide office equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, and workstations to people who need them for their job, while at the same time giving people independent spaces from which to work from. Many freelancers and self-employed workers come to coworking spaces because they are still able to work independently, but become a part of a greater community who they can collaborate with or even find more work to add to their schedule. It’s not uncommon for someone to get hired for a short-term job, or even become part of an independent startup company all in one day due to the constant hustle and bustle at coworking spaces.


New York City is a prime place for coworking spaces, and one luxurious space in Manhattan is Workville. Workville has many amenities that coworking spaces in NYC have come to require.  For example, workers can enjoy such as office equipment, coffee machines, conference rooms, mail service, and terraces providing a great view of the city. Regulars get 24/7 access to the building and cleaning service during slower hours. Workville has different monthly rental options from full private offices with dedicated desks, to open spaces for those on a smaller budget. Rooms can be reserved ahead of time for private parties and meetings. To get more information or to schedule a tour, go to www.workvillenyc.com.

FInancial Experts

Brazilian Economy Builds Plenty of Momentum

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Since 2015, the Brazilian industry has failed to grow. Struggling businesses and failing stock markets have impacted the economy in Brazil. Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian entrepreneur and president of Eucatex, expressed optimism at the viability of growth. This seemed unusual since the general population is so pessimistic about the economy. Even up to this August, populations were not good when concerned with the economy.


ICI, which stands for Industrial Confidence Index, indicated in September of 2016 there had been an increase at 2.1 in economic growth. Then as of this August, there had been a one point decline. It appears the markets are fluctuating and it is difficult to project what the outcome will be for each term. Even though there had been recent declines, the report still shows a higher result since July of 2014 leaving some experts to feel optimistic about the economic future.


All data is conducted through the Survey of Manufacturing Industry. Most importantly, improvement of stock volumes has held up. Entrepreneurs and business leaders differ with opinions on stock sufficiency.


Aloisio Campelo Junior, superintendent of public statistics Ibre/FCV, claims a mild improvement. The Domestic market seems to be recovering slowly and smoothly. Professionals and economic advisors are watching and providing as much help as possible to ensure a positive economic growth for Brazilian businesses. With a positive outlook for Brazil projected by some, the economy is holding it’s own and will continue to slowly improve. This in return will make life better for all in Brazil.  Find more of Flavio’s analysis on his website, or read more about him on Wikipedia for a full picture of Flavio’s credibility.

NYC Property

The Future of New York City’s Real Estate Market

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Related Companies is a leading private real estate development firm in the country. Jeff Blau is a partner and the chief executive officer of this firm. Jeff is the man behind over $20 billion of new developments in almost every sector of the industry. During an interview, Jeff was asked why he thinks that his latest project is unique especially because the New York market is hyper-competitive. Jeff said that Hudson Yards is unique and it spreads across 28 acres on the West Side of Manhattan. According to Jeff, it gave them the opportunity to come up with a whole new neighborhood, and he believes since they constructed from scratch, they have brought a residential offering that is unique worldwide.


Asked about his predictions on the next hot area in residential real estate, Jeff said that he sees a huge shift in Manhattan to the west and south. Jeff stated that he had observed that people want to reside and work in neighborhoods that are thriving. According to Jeff, that explains why they are investing heavily in the West of Manhattan, specifically Chelsea neighborhoods and Hudson Yards. Blau further said that he thinks any property located in a real 24/7 neighborhood with green spaces, a lot of amenities, and open spaces will appreciate over the next few years.


Blau said that the company is still seeing activity and that they believe projects that are quality, priced and strategically located will continue doing well in the market. Asked about his opinion on the fueling of foreign money in the New York real estate market, Blau said that there is still activity from foreign capital. He stated that the New York market is global; thus, everyone has access to it. Blau also noted that high-end properties like Long Island City and Greenpoint have a lot of room for growth. However, he added that it is still hard to predict in the near term.

For example, Town Residential is New York’s top luxury real estate services company. Within the few years that NYC luxury real estate has been in operation; it has made a record of best-in-class customer service by its team of representatives. Town Residential deals with leasing, property developments, luxury residential sales, and commercial and retail developments across several NYC properties.


The real estate firm has a team of professionals who have knowledge and expertise in NYC luxury real estate. It has executive leadership and a committed team of salespeople. They have various neighborhood choices for its clients.