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Tangible Impacts of Adam Milstein in Israel

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From the history, Israel has been facing various challenges which have taken strong and focused leaders to overcome and led it to have independence in 1948. However, there are new challenges on the rise like Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions campaign which aims at diminishing the State of Israel and separating the Jewish family all over the world. This is a wakeup call for leaders to take action to prevent the nation from falling. There must be a fight for antisemitism, rise for Zionist leaders who are courageous and pro-Israel activists like Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein meets daily with various upcoming leaders who are the need of the hour in Israel this gives him optimism that the emergence of the next generation of Israel activists is on its verge. He sees them connected to the Jewish and Israel identity and consequently they will act as the bridge between America and Israel. As a result of his passion for his community, Adam has come up with a foundation which helps various Pro-Israel organizations. His unwavering efforts in his blogs in “The Time of Israel” are slowly bringing impacts in the country in raising passionate, innovate and diligent leaders which are needed in Israel currently.

Adam Milstein is one person who is passionate about the Jewish identity and Israel heritage that’s why he is supporting and cultivating the future leaders in teenagers who will go around the globe in the fight against antisemitism. And this will secure the Jewish culture. Adam is the Co-Founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which supports various Pro-Israel movements and organization like The American Israel Education Foundation, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition, Christian United for Israel, American Jewish Committee, IAC and many others. He is the National Chairman of Israel-American Council (IAC).

Adam Milstein being born in Haifa, Israel, he gained interest in joining the Israel Defense Forces and fought in Yom Kippur War of 1973. He later joined Israeli Institute of Technology and graduated with B.Sc. degree in Business and Economics. He later moved to the United States with his wife, Gila, and their 2 daughters. He did his Master’s in Business Administration at USC and went fully into real estate like in Hager Pacific Properties where he is the managing partner.


The Sphere of Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Journey

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Being from a family with a background in philanthropy, I believe Betsy DeVos took an interest in both philanthropy and education at an early age. She later attended Calvin College in Michigan and attained a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In college, she was actively involved in campus politics, and after school, she remained politically active. Betsy was the chairman of Michigan Republic Party. As director, she set a political action committee, Great Lakes Education Project whose role was to promote educational reforms through establishing charter schools in the state. Apart from the politics, she is heavily involved charity events, and she is also part of many charity and civic organizations.Both Betsy and her husband founded, Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Fund, a foundation Betsy heads. She is also the foreperson in both the American Foundation for Children and Alliance for School Choice. She is also a participant of numerous boards both regionally and nationwide including Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope US.

Foundation for Excellence in Education and DeVos Institute of Arts Management. Betsy additionally funds the Polite House Christian School, a school that provisions educations for low-income families in a safe and unified manner.She later started a foundation with the aim of providing scholarships for children from economically challenged families. This organization, American Federation for children later became All Children Matter. Since the early 1990s, she was in various education choice movements. In 1993 she participated in the passing of the first Charter school bill in Michigan which advocated for the introduction of vouchers and tax credit scholarships. During this period she was also part of two national boards that is Children First America and the American Education Reform Council that aim at expanding education choice by providing better education options.Betsy DeVos is responsible for education reforms in almost 25 states in the nation.

In Florida, she oversaw the tax credit scholarship program that aims at giving broad education choices to numerous students. He has also helped raise awareness through paying for radio broadcasts and billboards to advocate for education in many states. She is entirely devoted to increasing educational opportunities for children at the same time giving the parents power to choose the education program to give their children. I learned that Betsy embraces digital learning with a belief it will enable students to reach their full potential.Prior, she also worked at an Investment Management company as the executive officer. Currently, Betsy is the secretary of education in the United States. Her primary objective as the head in this ministry is to offer quality education to all students in the country equally. From her perspective, she wants to eradicate the Zip code as a reason limiting students to obtain an education. I also learned that her focus is on giving parents the power of choice in school settings for their kids.

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George Soros: Helping People, Helping The World

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George Soros is someone who has had a tremendous impact on the global political scene. Right from influencing masses to vote for the right people, to insinuating movements to fight for justice, Soros has done it all. Soros cares about helping people all over the world and has been working towards this goal since an extremely early age. But even back then, Soros knew that it is money that makes the world go round, and he would need a lot of it to make a difference on the scale that he envisioned. Soros, therefore, decided to divulge into the field of finance and started working on Wall Street where he amassed his fortune. He began working here soon after graduating from the prestigious London School of Economics. He began investing in hedge funds which have gotten him to where he is today. He is known to be one of the richest hedge fund owners in the entire world and still has managed to be one of the biggest philanthropies on the international scene.

George Soros’ reasons for wanting to make a difference in the world stems from his childhood and the conditions in which he grew up. Soros was born in a part of Hungary that was at the time still under the Nazi rule. His family followed Judaism, which is why they faced a lot of oppression in society. Seeing the harsh living conditions of his family and the people around him, George Soros vowed to work hard to ensure that a corrupt ruler never comes into power. Soros’ efforts are so that no one has to ever go through what he went through.

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Soros has helped numerous people through his life and has been instrumental behind various foundations that are catered to help the masses. The most recent organization that Soros set up was for the aid of refugees who were seeking exile in parts of Europe. The organization mainly supported entrepreneurs and gave them financial assistance so that they could start up businesses in their new homes and rebuild their lives. Through this, Soros has helped numerous people and has given them more hope for their future. Read his profile at Washington Times.

Soros has also been a significant political influence in countries like America. He is an active supporter of the Democratic Party and has supported them in their campaigns. In 2004, Soros helped the party and donated approximately twenty-eight million dollars towards the organizations and charities that the party supported. In 2016 once again, Soros helped the party, this time, due to his tremendous faith in their candidate Hillary Clinton. Even though the party did not win, Soros has vowed to continue his efforts to give America a wise leader that will lead them in the right direction. Read this story at about George Soros.


Michael Zomber’s Love of Japanese Culture

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There are people that have a love for exotic cultures. Some of the exotic cultures that are met with a lot of love and fascination is Japanese culture. One of the admirers of Japanese culture is Michael Zomber. Michael Zomber works hard to preserve the history and the authenticity of Japanese culture by purchasing antiques and collecting other relics of the culture and protecting and preserving the piece of Japanese history. Among the things he has collected are the pieces of the Samurai subculture. Michael Zomber also wants to connect with others who are every bit as passionate about preserving their past as he is about preservation.

Michael Zomber is also involved in literature and entertainment. He has written a few books that have dealt with Japanese culture. He is also a fiction writer and a filmmaker. Among the books that he has written are Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. He shows a lot of creativity in expressing his ideas and putting them on paper in a way that is very compelling. He has also made some films that have been released to the public. Among the projects that he was involved in are Soul of the Samurai, Deep Sea Diving, and Literary Riot.

Michael and his wife are also involved with philanthropic activities. He in fact gives to quite a few organizations that are every bit as passionate about the same passionate principles as he is. Michael and Andrea Zomber value love compassion and peace when it comes to conflict resolutions. He lists these organizations that he donates to in order to get other people to support them. Michael Zomber shows that he has a lot of wisdom and creativity when it comes to his site and productions that he was involved in. He definitely believes in fighting for human rights.  To see his passion in action, check out Zomber’s documentary on Bushido, available on YouTube.

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Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Totalitarianism

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Thor Halvorssen spent a little time on the Fox Business Network to offer a critique of socialism. Halvorssen is the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), and the interview focused on the harm socialist policy have a tendency to cause. Halvorssen was not shy about raising alarms over risks inherent with socialist governments. This is interesting since Halvorssen’s ideologies are left-leaning, and he supports the presidential aspirations of Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen made significant contributions to Sander’s campaign.

Halvorssen draws a distinction between socialist governments that promote democracy dictatorships. Thor Halvorssen points out that oppressive socialist governments can truly trample on the rights and well-being of citizens. Halvorssen suggests some tyrants came to power by making huge promises with socialist policies. Once established in power, the tyranny then emerges.

Halvorssen, an avid documentary film maker, uses Venezuela as an example of a socialist country that is incredibly vs. ones that are authoritarian. In Europe, the socialist democracies do not have a terrible human rights record. These nations are not ones that support tyrannical authoritarian. (Halvorssen’s family has suffered under the regimes in Venezuela)Thor Halvorssen delves a little bit into a discussion of free market capitalism, so he is not opposed to commerce. Overall, he is a champion of human rights and democracy. Ultimately, he opposes dictators and all the many politicians who support them.

Halvorssen has become a fixture in the media for his outspoken anti-totalitarian views. He has appeared in two Fox News channels before, and he is sure to make more appearances in the future.