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Ryan Seacrest Discusses His Career

Posted by eastcoop on

Many people in Hollywood have a lot of different jobs but no one is busier than Ryan Seacrest. So how does he manage to juggle all these different roles simultaneously? He recently sat down for an interview to discuss how he became so successful and how he deals with the pressure of maintaining so many different positions. He has to wake up at five in the morning in order to be at the radio station by six to host On Air With Ryan, the #1 drivetime morning show in the LA area. After concluding his duties there, he goes to the studio where he serves as the co-host of one of the most popular morning shows in America, Live with Kelly and Ryan. This will be his second season and he has said he is excited about what they have planned for the new year.

After he wraps shooting, he then proceeds to the office to work on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the next generation of TV hosts and producers break into show business. He has noted that this is a passion project of his as he is dedicated to being a good role model for the actors of the future. After he’s finished, he then proceeds to work on his clothing line known as Distinction. As a kid, he always struggled to find jeans that were both comfortable and affordable so this new line of clothes seeks to rectify that situation. Additionally, he has a line of skincare products which help keep your skin smooth for as long as possible.

This line is known as Polish and Ryan Seacrest hopes it will help many people. Finally, once the sun sets, he puts on the ritz and heads up to the stage to host the long-running and immensely popular reality series, American Idol. The hit singing competition will be going into its final season and he said that, while he doesn’t exactly what he’ll be doing, he intends to find some sort of position to fill the void left by the end of the series.