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Mark Mofid: The Plastic Surgeon

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Mark Mofid is one of the top California’s plastic surgeons based in Del Mar, La Jolla, and Chula Vista areas of San Diego. He is a well-trained Surgeon having graduated from Harvard University where he acquired his undergraduate degree, and later on John Hopkins University School of Medicine where he pursued his degree in medicine. Mark is a staff surgeon at several local hospitals in San Diego, including Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Palomar Medical Center, and the Scripps Memorial Hospital. Furthermore, he operates his own private clinic.

Mark Mofid also works at the University of California, San Diego campus as a clinical professor and faculty member. In the past, everything associated with gluteal augmentation industry was totally negative. The greatest problem associated with the industry was that most implants were incompatible with the body’s muscles, were generic, and also destined to sag. Mark carried out research and finally changed the entire situation for the better.

While at work, Mark strives to guarantee the safety of the patient first rather than fousing onthe payments. His adherence to safe medical practices has earned him trust from many people in San Diego and La Jolla. He is currently on a research on how activities in the industry can be done in the best and safest way possible. Mark knows much about body fat, muscles, and skin.

Mark Mofid recently had an exclusive interview with the MedicalSpasMd. During the interview, he talked about his clinic set up. He said the clinic has a nurse, a full time dermatologist who is his wife, and he serves as the clinic’s plastic surgeon. He added that at the clinic, they offer laser services and currently own Cutera laser for the treatment of veins and hair removal. They do not offer all required laser services but practice healthy referral relationship with another laser facility in the community.

Mark Mofid has breast and facial reconstructive surgeries as his main areas of specialization. According to him, he was inspired to specialize in this fields after he witnessed direct, dramatic effects resulting from cosmetic surgery on one’s self-esteem.

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Jeunesse Global breaks new ground with cognition-enhancing drink

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In today’s increasingly advanced workplace, people need to stay mentally sharp all day long or face the risk of being passed by. Doctors recommend that everyone should get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, it is rarely possible for today’s high-tech and advanced-economy employees to sleep the optimal number of hours every day.

For workers of the past, who may have been performing menial labor or repetitive, mindless tasks, missing a few hours of sleep here and there was not such a big deal. But today, with workers often having high demands placed on their ability to mentally perform, even missing one or two hours of sleep can have profound consequences on their ability to carry out the basic functions of their jobs.

How does someone who can’t always get the optimal number of sleep hours ensure that they will be able to perform at a high level anyway? There are solutions to this problem that have been scientifically proven to work, but they often have costs and ethical implications that make many people feel uncomfortable. For example, drugs that are normally prescribed for such conditions as ADHD, like Adderall and Ritalin, have been proven in scientific experiments to markedly increase the mental performance of people who are sleep deprived and even those who are not. But these require prescriptions and often have unwanted side effects.

However, what if there were a way to get close to the same cognition-enhancing effects of prescription drugs without actually using them? Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the top names in the health and beauty industry, has come up with a way to do just that. Jeunesse has devised the first-ever mental-enhancing energy drink. Known as M1nd, the brain-boosting drink contains a proprietary ingredient known as Cera-Q, which acts on neurons in much the same way as performance-enhancing drugs but without the side effects.

M1nd is a drug-free and completely safe way for people who need to stay mentally sharp throughout the day to achieve that goal. And it only costs about as much as typical energy drinks. Through products like M1nd, Jeunesse Global is breaking new ground in health supplements.

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The Future of Jeunesse Global

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There are many people who are interested in investing in new beauty products. With so many new products within the industry, it is hard to choose products that are affordable. Jeunesse Global is a small company within the beauty industry. However, it is a company that is growing rapidly due to a diverse product selection that customers enjoy.


One of the reasons that Jeunesse Global is growing so rapidly is the company’s commitment to marketing. Jeunesse Global does not spend a lot of money on traditional marketing efforts. Instead, the company encourages customers to put products on social media. This is one of the most effective forms of marketing that a company can have.

Direct Selling

Jeunesse Global also offers a direct selling program to customers. This is a great way for passionate customers to make additional income each month. In addition, this program helps Jeunesse Global expand the customer base.

People who are interested in this program have the option to purchase products at a wholesale price from Jeunesse Global. There are many examples of people earning a substantial income each month from this program.

Customer Service

Another positive aspect of purchasing from Jeunesse Global is the quality customer service offered by the company. Over the past few years, Jeunesse Global has invested a lot of time and money into improving this process. Unlike a lot of companies selling beauty products, Jeunesse Global truly cares about the experience that customers have.

If a customer purchases a product that does not work, the customer has the option to return the product for a full refund. This is just one example of a policy that is designed to improve the shopping experience for customers. In the coming years, Jeunesse Global is expected to grow at a rapid rate.

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What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

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For nine years, entrepreneur Doe Deere has been on top of the cosmetics world. When she launched her brand Lime Crime in 2008, she set out to encourage a new generation of beauty consumers to dive into fearless self-expression by painting their faces in bright colors and glitter. Her Instagram account has millions of followers who obsess over her unique approach to style and her business continues to outsell its competitors. However, Deere has had to overcome her fair share of obstacles to get to where she is today.


Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York City as a young girl. Since she was a child, she was always attracted to bright colors, glitter and unconventional styles. Launching a cosmetics brand was her solution to a struggle to find makeup that was as bright and bold as her own personal aesthetic.


That’s why Deere launched Lime Crime. Deere wanted to create a makeup brand that was about fearless self-expression instead of hiding one’s flaws. One of her first products, the Unicorn Lipsticks line, is super pigmented and comes in neon pastels. At the time, it was an unconventional style. Today, it’s everywhere.


When Lime Crime was launched, the brand existed exclusively online. No one could buy Deere’s products in physical stores. Friends warned her that nobody would want to buy makeup products off of the internet that they couldn’t try on or see in person first. Deere’s solution was to take close-up pictures of real models wearing each shade of her products. Today, hundreds of cosmetics brands have copied this concept.


From the very beginning, Lime Crime has attracted the attention of millennials who use makeup to express their colorful personalities. Fans of the brand identify with Deere’s need for creative visual self-expression. They love experimenting with bold colors and different shiny and glittery finishes. However, Deere has had her share of struggles along the road to success.


When Lime Crime’s website was hacked a few years back, Deere had to work tirelessly to implement new security strategies to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again. Plus, she had to spend a full year earning back the loyalty of her customer base whose personal information had been stolen.


Today, Lime Crime runs more smoothly than ever. When asked about the secret behind her company’s success, Deere credits her gut instincts. She refuses to make a decision that isn’t completely true to her unique creative vision.


For updates, follow Doe Deere on Twitter.


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EOS- The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

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‘Evolution of Smooth’ lip balms, better known as EOS, are small, spherical lip care products ( that have swept the nation for the past several years. You can find them on the shelves of every retailer, and EOS advertisements can be seen on TV and in magazines. Social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram love EOS. The company has millions of followers.

EOS lip balm products became quickly the second best-selling lip balm in the US. The company came up with a new take on an old product and is the only one that manages to stand out among its competitors. After months of work, the EOS developers decided on a concept that would speak to all of the 5 senses. The end product is soft and round to the feel, sports attractive pastel colors, has an appealing scent to engage the sense of smell, and comes in a variety of flavors. Everything was considered in the development, even the sound the ball makes when closing the lid. With so much focus on detail, no wonder EOS was an instant success. Targeted primarily at female customers, specifically style- conscious women between the ages of 25 and 35, EOS became quickly the new must- have beauty item.

The company has had great success, and it isn’t slowing down. It continues to be an innovator in its field, offering new collections on a regular basis, and has plans for more products you’ll soon find at the store. Visit to view the full EOS product gallery.

The whole story of how EOS started out and the extraordinary path of its creators can be found here:


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Discover The Strengthen Technique Of Wen By Chaz

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A lot of people have witnessed the Wen by Chaz [] infomercials that promise to work wonders on your hair. You have the benefits of using a hair care product that will give your hair dimension, shine, and volume, but you’re not sure because you’ve seen all the other commercials that advertise what their products do with an expensive actor in the ads. Most women want a great hair care product that will allow their hair to grow and give it rich definition. You’re hair is your confidence and you want the opportunity to bring it back to its natural state before the chemicals.
One customer tried it and it has had tremendous results on her hair. She was featured in an online ad for Bustle that showcased her as an actual Wen by Chaz user. She complained of dull thinning hair that would break out when she would shampoo in the shower. Then she tried Wen by Chaz and has transformed her hair. She said in her Bustle testimonial that her hair no longer breaks out in the shower when shes shampooing. It gave her the proper amount that she needed for each use of her product.

Wen by Chaz is reasonably priced and can be purchased online on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. This particular user tried the strengthening conditioner, but Wen by Chaz has an assortment of hair care products that are for all hair types. Their all-in-one conditioner is very popular among its users because it is everything in one and it has proven results. All Wen by Chaz products are FDA recommended safe for your hair. You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive products when you have Wen by Chaz at your your fingertips by visiting their YouTube website for details today.


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Instagram Shows The Success Of The Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

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Judging the popularity of any brand in the 21st century is no longer done by simply adding up the number of sales made, instead the popularity of any brand is now also judged by the number of followers the company has for its social media accounts. A cosmetics startup in existence for just eight years, Lime Crime, has recently reported they have reached the amazing figure of two million followers on Instagram. Under the influence of founder and CEO Doe Deere this technology savvy company has risen through the ranks of the industry to become one of the most popular and fastest growing of recent years.  Their blog, talks about this often.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, play an important role in the life of Lime Crime as the brand was launched as an Online clothing brand by Doe Deere after she completed her studies in fashion. Deere was looking for the perfect cosmetics to use in her marketing campaigns, which reflect her own individual sense of style that can be seen in all areas of the Lime Crime business. Eventually, Deere turned her hobby of creating her own cosmetics into a business as she looked to create her own makeup designs that would reflect the image she was creating for Lime Crime.

The Instagram platform has recently become something of a community for Lime Crime after the company began uploading images of their signature looks for their followers to enjoy. Lime Crime has also encouraged followers to create images of the looks they create and tag them with the Lime Crime name; these customer produced images have become a major statement on the Lime Crime Instagram account as the company looks to encourage followers to be creative and show other members of the community how impressive its range of products can be.  Follow Lime Crime on Facebook for more updates.

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Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Adds Shine To Fine Hair

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Hair stylist Emily McClure recently tried a new product on her hair. She went for about a week trying WEN cleansing conditioner on her long, fine hair and described the results. You can read the full trial of Emily and see photos of how her experiment went on I summarize her results below.

Emily McClure’s results were positive with Wen cleaning conditioners. She used a sold fig formula by Wen. Wen By Chaz has many different kinds of formulas. After a week of use Emily noticed that her hair was consistently more shiny and had more volume. She described that after she used Wen by Chaz it felt like she had much more hair then she really does. This is because the conditioner adds volume to hair

A few important things to point is that Emily did not use the recommended amount specified by Wen by Chaz. She used an amount for short hair, when she has long hair. This could be why her hair was constantly greasy or oily as she describes after a day. Or maybe, she just has oily hair. Whatever the case, Wen by Chaz’s cleaning conditioners adds luster, volume and is gentle enough to be used on very fine hair like Emily has.

WEN is a hair care brand that was created by notable hair stylist Chaz Dean who resides in California. The brand’s deep cleansing conditioner is an all in one hair care product that cleans, conditions and detangles hair. It contains no harsh sulfates and is instead made primarily of all natural botanical and plant products such as chamomile extract and rosemary extract. The deep cleansing conditioner can even be used a leave in conditioner by using a mild amount after showering. Its gentle and unique all natural formula strengthens hair and does not remove natural oils from hair that harsh shampoos do. Wen is available online thru