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Dr. Dov Rand and His Area of Specialty

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Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist physician who takes care of patients who are ill with an aging illness such as low testosterone levels. His specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. When he takes care of a patient, he does not often give the patient medication. Dr. Rand looks to be a positive role model for his patients. When he requests a patient to change his diet and exercise, he likes to say that he has done so and benefits extraordinarily from the diet and exercise change. Dr. Dov Rand is someone who takes care of patients in an office setting.

Instead of giving patients with low testosterone levels traditional hormone replacements, Dr. Rand attempts to replace the testosterone with the same quality of hormone naturally produced by the body. Dr. Rand does not like to medicate his patients. Instead, he would rather see them change their diets and begin exercising more. These 2 factors alone could not replace the hormone levels that come with having low testosterone.

When a man has low testosterone it can affect other areas of his life. By this we mean he does not sleep as he should. Studies have shown that low testosterone levels can cause insomnia as well as low libido. When a man has insomnia, it can lead to other and often serious medical conditions.These factors are why Dr. Dov Rand practices medicine in the specialty of physical rehabilitation. He has a private practice which allows him to be more in depth when it comes to treating his patients. Another area Dr. Rand likes to practice is to continue his education.

Dr. Rand attends seminars throughout the year. He learned early on in his career he should continue his education. So, this is why he does not recommend anyone thinking of getting into physical medicine and rehabilitation rely on the education received in their college courses. He thinks it is important for them to attend seminars on physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Dov Rand is one of the best in his field. He is because of his continued education.

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Marc Beer, The Health Expert

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Marc Beer is currently the president of the privately owned compny, the LumeNXT. This compny focuses on production of surgical equipment used to perform minimal surgeries. With intensive skills, knowledge and experience in biotechnology as well in pharmaceutical, Marc Beer is best suitable for the management of running of this company with a goal of expanding it to higher levels.


LumeNXT utilizes the use of high-quality illumination platform to compact heart mechanisms which have improves the quality of performing surgical precision. The illumination technology helps in visualization as well as giving various options in time of operations contrary the ordinary ways of carrying out operations.


In his previous work, Marc Beer enhanced growth, success and expansion of organizations under his leadership. He is an experienced co-founder of various firms which thrive well under his management from scratch to fit international levels. His determination alongside robust experience will be experienced in growth and smooth running of LumeNXT.


Marc Beer also serves as the CEO of Renovia Inc. He established this company in 2016 with an aim of assisting women living in pelvic floor conditions. He achieved this through innovating digital therapeutic and diagnosis equipment used in determining the best treatment to offer to compact these disorders.


Before founding Renovia, Marc Beer was the chairman of a clinical biopharmaceutical firm which majored in offering treatment to patients with central nervous system infections, the Minerva Neurosciences. This compny was in charge of performing various procedures to compact major depression and mood disorders.


Marc Beer has been the top leaders in biopharmaceutical field undertaking major roles in business launching which purpose to address diseases facing various people globally. Other services included primary public offerings, international expansions and acquisitions. He held positions such as the president of AEGERION pharmaceuticals. This company focused on creating new technologies needed to compact rare diseases faced by patients globally. In addition, Marc Beer has held top position in numerous companies which work to innovate ways to compact different types of diseases.


What makes Marc Beer to remain productive in his field allocation of resources as well as availability of enough capital to perform various investments. He proves how it may be a difficult task to establish these advanced health facilities without enough capital to run and operates them.


Marc Beer advises people who wish to invest in the field of health to focus on requirements and implement the use of technology and work to makes sure everything is achieved. She cautions people not to take shortcuts in this field in order to attain greatness in this field. Great focus on talent acquisition is one of the thing done by Marc Beer day after the other.



“Renovia Inc. and Marc Beer: Aiding Women With Pelvic Floor Dysfunction “

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a condition wherein the muscles in the pelvic region that are responsible for supporting organs and bodily functions in the area are deteriorating and are weakening. This can be caused by pelvic injury or old age. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can affect sexual, physical, urinary and bowel functions. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction are most common in women that are maturing, though this affects males as well. Treatments for pelvic floor dysfunction are relatively expensive because of the lack of availability of treatment and the research regarding these dysfunctions are relatively low compared to other muscle related diseases.


Marc Beer, founder and CEO of Renovia Inc., has recently closed another round of investments totaling to about $42 million ($32 million on investments, $10 million on venture debt) which will be used to propel Renovia Inc. forward with their product development and goal of aiding women suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. With the overflowing investments being acquired by Renovia Inc., they are yet to increase the number of people they are helping. Currently, they are reaching about 250 million women with their efforts. Renovia has recently acquired their Food And Drug Authority approval for their newest product, Ieva.


Ieva, through their clinical trials, has proven to be an effective treatment for women who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. In a 6-week study on 23 women, the following results were yielded:


  1. Overall, the Ieva Pelvic Digital Health System improved the urinary incontinence symptom severity and the condition specific quality of life of the study patient. These were based on patient reports.
  2. The Ieva Pelvic Digital Health System improves the performance of the Pelvic Floor Muscles.
  3. The Ieva Pelvic Digital Health System improved the health significantly and removed some Pelvic Floor Dysfunction symptoms on 87% of women.
  4. The Ieva Pelvic Digital Health System yielded no leakage for 17 women (74%) all within the 6th week of clinical trials.
  5. The Ieva Pelvic Digital Health System reported 100% improvement on the quality of life they are able to live and improvement on their pelvic muscles status by the end of clinical trials.
  6. Three women experienced side effects like cold symptoms, suspicion of urinary tract infection which yielded negative results, and the occasional headache – but all were resolved without further complications. Learn more:


Marc Beer is extremely happy of the support of investors in his company and to the vision and cause they are spearheading. Marc Beer and Renovia are thrilled to be able to help millions of women globally with the developments they are undergoing. The innovations and the digital health platform that Renovia that is developing will drive more knowledge and understanding of how Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions behaves, how to treat it and Renovia is committed to lowering the costs of treating the disease.