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Perry Mandera Leads by Example on Charity

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Perry Mandera dropped out high school in 1975 so he could join the Marines. He worked in logistics, an area he found he had an interest in. After receiving his honorable discharge at 25, Perry Mandera founded his own transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc. in the Chicago area. They offer multiple types of trucks and other forms of transportation for freight for their clients. The company has a revenue stream of over $200 million annually and works with clients big and small.

Many of the core values the companies culture is built from stem from Mandera’s leadership. His own value system is strongly shaped by his military experience and his faith. Perry Mandera tries to spread these values around. Those values include hard work, treating clients like partners instead of customers, innovation and charity.

Charity is one of the strongest values Perry Mandera has brought to his company. Mandera leads by example, donating generously to many causes he believes in as well as dedicating his time and experience to helping organize various charities. The Custom Companies, Inc. has its own charitable wing, Custom Cares Charities Inc., which focuses on many areas of philanthropy, from veterans assistance to disability assistance to disaster relief (Twitter).

His employees are treated as valuable team members no matter their role, with respect being to by word for interaction. They are also encouraged to be charitable themselves, and follow through. From donation drives for hurricane Katrina relief to disaster relief efforts after the California wildfires, employees of The Custom Companies, Inc. have stepped up and met their founders example numerous times.

Mandera also supports many Chicago-based charities that work to solve the cities numerous problems. He donates to many youth groups, particularly the Mercy House for Boys and Girls. Mercy is over a century old and works to house and train homeless teenagers to help get them off the streets and into a position where they can support themselves. Mandera is also active in charities centered around law enforcement and criminal rehabilitation, particularly among teenagers. Mandera also supports many educational and extracurricular programs at schools around the city.

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Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares To Help Calamity Victims

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Everyone from Dallas and other places in Houston will remember Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane is one of the most powerful and most devastating hurricanes that landed in the area because of the massive floodings that happened. With a lot of properties damaged and a lot of families left homeless, Stream Energy took it into their own hands to help the people of Dallas.

Stream Energy is one of the many corporate entities that partook in help to rebuild the area. By launching its philanthropic arm, “Stream Cares”, the electric generating company by donating to local charities with their own funds. This is to adhere to their brand rules that philanthropic works are essential to their brand. In order to give back to its community as well as to gain respect and loyalty, Stream helps to rebuild the community of their customers.

Even though the Stream Cares Charity Foundation was just launched recently after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy has been doing philanthropic works in more than a decade already. One of its long-term partnerships involves the American Red Cross. The two organizations have been helping in protecting and saving human lives around the country.

In addition, Stream Energy is also a partner of Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that provides houses and helps homeless people find shelters. Homeless cases are one of Stream’s biggest concern because of its alarming rate of increase, even in Dallas alone. The homelessness rate increased by 24% in the past years. In order to help the homeless people, Stream formed a partnership with a Dallas-based company called the Hope Supply Co.

By launching the Splash For Hope project, Stream and Hope Supply manages to give homeless children a trip to a local water park, as well as financial support. Hope Supply provides clothing, school supplies, diapers, and other supplies to homeless children. This initiative with Stream has been going on for more than four years.

In addition to the help that Stream give for homeless people, the company also provides financial and emotional support for the veterans of the war. In addition to this, Stream also provided a free lunch in a known Texas restaurant to meet the recipients and their loved ones. Kimberly Girard, Stream’s senior event manager, states that the company enjoys changing the lives of so many people.