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David Osio Launches New App To Further Assist His Clients

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In the summer of 2016, Davos Real Estate Group made the exciting announcement about the launch of their brand new mobile app “Davos CAP Calculator.” This new app would be aimed at estimating returns on investments that a client is interested in.



Davos Real Estate Group is one of the subsidiaries of Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is an international leader in the financial industry that has been leading the way for over twenty years. The company’s goal is to create investment strategies to meet expectations and needs of their clients.



Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard Gonzalez spent six months working with a company named Tecknolution on designing and developing their new tool. This new app allows a client to estimate the gain of investment properties after any associated expenses are taken into consideration. Gonzalez and Tecknolution developed the app using the latest technology and is available for both Android and iPhone devices.



The “Davos CAP Calculator” is just the first in a series of planned apps that will help clients do things like identify properties through their devices and forward real estate reports to their Davos agent through interactive chat. David Osio, founder of Davos, stated that the development of these apps is helping Davos REG be able to more easily fulfill the needs of its clients. There is even a plan for a “Mortgage Calculator” which will allow clients to estimate a mortgage payment based on bank projects, funding periods, and rates of interest.



Davos REG has been very focused in recent months, not only developing new apps but also developing new partnerships with real estate agents on an international basis. Davos is planning on expanding its borders to Europe, starting in Spain. These apps will not allow the company to help the clients they already serve, but also the ability to find new clients to serve.



David Osio is the founder and Executive Director of the Davos Financial Group. He received a law degree from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela, where he also spent his time taking Finance and Banking courses. After graduation, he became Director of the MGO law firm in Caracas, spending most of his days providing legal advice to numerous corporate clients.



After moving up in the world to become Vice President of Commercial Banking to the Banco Latino Internacional in Miami, he decided to branch out on his own. In 1993, Osio founded Davos Financial Group as a corporation of independent companies that service clients in the financial industry.


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Eric Lefkofsky: A Scientific Breakthrough Worth Mentioning

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The founder of Groupon and one of Chicago’s most influential figures, Eric Lefkofsky has donated a lot of money to cancer research within his lifetime. Recently he has started a new and smarter approach to fight against cancer and it’s damaging effects towards the human race. After leaving his role as a CEO for Groupon, he has been working non-stop on a new startup called Tempus. This new health Tech startup has quietly been working in the background to build a new infrastructure for cancer treatment. Even though his involvement isn’t very clear in regards of Tempus, his website states that he is helping doctors analyze a patient’s genetic code to assist in the curing process. This new cutting-edge therapy analysis will help the doctors understand a patient’s tumor more efficiently.

The new startup collects the information and data using statistical algorithms to uncover a more personalized medicine for their patients. Tempus is used primarily to help doctors create a better care for treatment. Tempus is working with all types of patients. Currently they are assisting patients with lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. However, in the near future they will tackle more types.

By searching online, you can determine that there are a total of 29 employees. However, this is only an estimate and has not yet been verified. Hunter Lane, the former director of Highground, lists himself as the director of Tempus as well. Eric and his wife Liz are known for their generous contributes to cancer research. They currently have a family foundation that has dedicated over 1 million to the Cancer Center of Northwestern University. They have also donated $500,000 to support gastric cancer research at Stanford University.This is only a couple of the foundations that they have donated funds towards to help families dealing with cancer patients.

In July, Eric Lefkofsky wrote about artificial intelligence and how it is moving forward and will one day be used as a form of Health Care and treatment. He believes this because we have a large database of unmined molecular data that can contribute to the artificial intelligence attribution. Even though he did not mention Tempus and it’s connection, we can conclude from his personal blog that Tempus is a scientific breakthrough worth mentioning.

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George Soros views wealth as a means to affect change

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George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. Raised in a Jewish family, he lost aunts and uncles to the Nazi death camps. This undoubtedly had a measurable effect on his intellectual development, instilling a lifelong interest in preventing the worst freedom-denying excesses of nationalism and xenophobia.

In 1947, at the age of 17, he applied to and was accepted at the London School of Economics. There, he studied under famed professor of philosophy Karl Popper. This marked the beginning of George Soros’ continuing fascination with and dedication to philosophy. Popper espoused the ideas set forth in his book Open Society and its Enemies. The ideas of minimizing harm and maximizing freedom for all people eschewed idealism or ideology and instead recognized and grappled with the practical limitations all societies face. For example, if one were granted total freedom that would necessarily entail the abridgment of another’s freedoms. George Soros became enthralled by such problems and was convinced by this early stage of his life that he would dedicate himself to the study and resolution of the world’s great problems.

However upon graduating a different reality set in. Faced with the necessity to make a living, Soros took a series of menial jobs. The last of these involved touring the English countryside selling luxury goods. Dissatisfied with this lifestyle, he resolved to go work for a New York investment firm. After applying to hundreds of investment houses with little luck, he was finally hired at a boutique firm named Singer and Friedman. He was 25 years old.

Over the next 15 years Soros would bounce from firm to firm, eventually rising to the level of vice president. Throughout this period he posted lackluster results. Many of his colleagues described him as being utterly engulfed in his philosophical work and mostly disinterested in the minutiae of Wall St.

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Finally, nearing his 40th birthday, George Soros gathered enough investors to start his first company, Soros Fund Management. Curiously, he still seemed mostly unconcerned with making money. He recalls that even then, his goal was simply to make $500 thousand dollars so he could retire and dedicate himself to philosophical work. He ultimately decided to start his own fund not so much in the pursuit of gain, but as a way to test the myriad theories he had developed on how markets function.

But after some initial success in managing his own hedge fund, Soros slowly came to see the accumulation of wealth as the greatest way to implement the ideas that he had been elaborating for years. George Soros began to see himself as a philanthropist first, as financier a distant second. He came to see his increasingly vast wealth not as a source of personal comfort in which to luxuriate but as a duty conferred upon him to do everything in his power to shape the world into a freedom-maximizing macro society.

In this, George Soros is fundamentally different than his plutocratic peers. Whereas in recent times many professional politicians have sought political power for its attendant wealth Soros has come to view wealth as a source of political power. It’s hardly surprising then that he continues to deploy his vast resources to change the world for the better.

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Comparative Law Made Easy

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One of the struggles that people organizations have is not understanding the other perspective. If you are a conservative, you refuse to learn the liberal mind. If you are a liberal, you refuse to learn the conservative mind. If you are libertarian, you refuse to learn the authoritarian mind, and so on. Most individuals score as authoritarian liberals or authoritarian conservatives on the political compass.

If you are trying to figure out governing style is most effective, it helps to look at countries that have each. Most national governments are authoritarian. A truly libertarian government, where the government does not apply force to achieve its objectives, is hard to maintain in practice. The continued battles for power between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. is really one between two kinds of authoritarian political groups.

The advantage of authoritarian political systems is they can use force to achieve their objectives. Their government styles are quicker and more efficient. The negative of an authoritarian government is it often has extreme weaknesses. Authoritarian governments neglect and persecute the minority, ignoring the benefits that the minority can give them. When conservative authoritarians are in power, they block immigrants from entering the country, and begin a nationalistic campaign of glory with their military, fomenting wars abroad. When liberal authoritarians are in power, they place draconian regulations on commerce, which lower the economic vitality of the nation, all in the name of protecting the poor. They also impose a compromised moral system that leads to the degeneration of the personal character of the nation’s youth.

Libertarian belief systems have the advantage that they do not use force to achieve their objectives. They use persuasion and investment. An example would be Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an example of a conservative libertarian government. The Hong Kong government has China as its foundation power, but the Chinese government permits Hong Kong to have a very free trade friendly city. The result is tons of wealth and prosperity in a former little tropical fishing village. The disadvantage is Hong Kong requires an outside government to protect it militarily with force, because Hong Kong does not have a forceful government of its own. A progressive libertarian government example is India. India wants to maximize religious diversity and welfare, but does not impose force to do so. India has hundreds of languages and is the world’s largest democracy. The disadvantage is because India does not heavily impose force on its own population to make them socially progressive, some radical Muslims and Hindus sometimes hurt their neighbors in regional rebellions. India is also very poor, because the central government has low power compared to the size of its population.

Sujit Choudhry is happy to walk people through comparative law using tools such as the political compass. If you would like to contact Choudhry, you can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

Choudhry likes seeing people learning from other political systems.

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Bruce Levenson /Ahead of the Game.

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Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis and later attended American University where he graduated with a law degree. Bruce Levenson began his career in journalism at the Washington Star while attending law school at night. Earlier in Levenson’s career he partnered up with Ed Peskowitz and co-founded United Communications Group (UCG), a privately held business information company.

United Communications Group was based in Gathersburg, Maryland in 1977 and began in Bruce Levenson’s apartment. The company initially published a newsletter, Oil Express which reported on the oil industry and its developments. In addition to other newsletters, UCG launched databases which included Oil Price Information Service. United Communications Group specializes in data, news and healthcare analysis, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking, energy, and numerous other industries.

Forbes billionaire Levenson and Peskowitz were Majority Partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC are a group of businessmen that own the professional basketball team as well as the Phillips Arena. In 2004 the Atlanta Hawks LLC formerly known as the Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks LLC from Turner Broadcasting. The Atlanta Thrashers were initially included in the deal but the NHL team was sold in 2011.

Currently a lawsuit has been filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. The lawsuit was filed by Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The former Hawk ownership group included Bruce Levenson who was a controlling partner. Bruce Levenson has three sons with wife Karen. Levenson and his wife Karen have initiated the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and the Do Good Challenge at the University of Maryland.

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Adam Milstein and His Jewish Community Influence

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Adam Milstein has made it his life’s work to improve the quality of life of the Jewish people. He is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Through these organizations, Adam actively works to educate and raise funds to continue the Jewish way of life.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. Both of his parents had immigrated to Israel and after they married, they had Adam and his siblings. In 1971, Adam joined the Israel Defense Force to serve his mandatory time. After his service was completed, he went to work in real estate construction with his father. In 1981, Adam and his wife Gila moved to the United States with their children. After arriving in the US, Adam began work as a commercial real estate agent.

Through living his life and being involved in his community, Adam was able to see that the Jewish community was being underserved. That was when he decided to start the Israeli-American Council. They set up their home office in Los Angeles and have been doing great work ever since.

The work that the Israeli-American Council has been doing has caught the eye and the Jerusalem Post. They recently put out their list of the top 50 most influential figures in the Jewish community. The list honors people who have made a positive impact in the past year and have the potential to influence change in the coming years. Adam Milstein made the list at number 39. The list is filled with names known worldwide such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

This is a huge honor for Adam and everyone on the list. Adam Milstein was quoted as saying he was honored and humbled to be on the list and will continue to do everything he can to continue his work and promote the Jewish community. The work he has dedicated his life to has been noticed and recognized in a positive way.

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Ken Goodgame Makes a Strong Move

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Goodgame is a highly influential leader in operations and management departments and also has specialized in innovative marketing and merchandising. Kenneth has also focused on smart business strategies and streamlined financial oversight.

Currently, Kenneth serves as the senior vice president at True Value Hardware Corporation. Kenneth also sits as the Chief merchandising officer of the company. True value is based in Chicago and is one of the world’s largest member-owned corporations. Kenneth has been an asset to the organization and has created various ways to ensure that he takes the business to a whole new level and also bring out the best output from the entire team.

True value is spearheaded by John Hartmann who serves as the CEO and the president he works hand in hand with Kenneth to meet the goals and the objectives of the company. The firm focuses on the supporting the spirit of entrepreneurial and creative thinking and also foster a workplace that promotes excellence, teamwork and shared information.
Being a marketing expert Ken has processed various projects in the company including reviewing the prices of the business products. Ken who also writes on sales, retail and marketing said that considering the price list would be beneficial to the company and results to sales increments and increased profits and returns.

With Kenneth leadership and experience the company also went back to TVs advertisements since 2014. This and other strategies put in place the company have experienced steady and rapid growth. Kenneth also wrote on end Caps and ensures that the products brought in end cap are timely and reaches a lot of people. Hence True Value keeps thriving and making a huge amount of profits.

Kenneth Goodgame is a graduate of University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing. He has worked in various organizations pursuing his passion and career and also gained a lot of experience. He also served as the general merchandising officer at Ace Hardware Corporation between 2010 and 2013.

Kenneth says that he focuses on achieving a balance in corporate alignment, quality assurance and employee engagement systems that enhance improved profitability and performance of the company in general.

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Achievements of John Goullet in the IT Staffing Sector

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John Goullet is an IT staffing specialist who currently serves as Diversant LLC’s executive principal. Before venturing into the IT sector, he enrolled at the Ursinus College and graduated with both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in computer science. Goullet was first employed as an IT consultant. He later focused on IT staffing because of the increase in clients who needed IT staffing services. Goullet has developed IT solutions for several companies throughout his career.

Info Technologies

Goullet founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that offers IT staffing solutions to multinational corporations. Under five years of Goullet’s management, the company’s assets were valued at $30 million. The company was also praised for its tremendous growth by several magazines. For instance, Inc. Magazine ranked it number eight on the top 500 list of fastest growing private firms.

Info Technologies was later merged with Diversant in 2010 to form Diversant LLC. After the merger, Diversant LLC opened a new branch in a move to reach clients nationwide. Goullet believes that customer motivation is the key to success in any business venture. He respects his colleagues at work and believes that they have certain tasks to accomplish in their respective jobs. He also encourages them to be innovative when developing IT solutions because of the complexity of the problems faced by IT practitioners.

Goullet as Diversant’s Executive Principal

Goullet’s role as the executive principal for Diversant LLC allows him to monitor the company’s IT staffing services. According to Diversant’s latest second quarter earnings, the company has amassed lots of revenue. Goullet is hopeful that this revenue will increase consecutively in future. The company is aiming at developing reliable solutions using state-of-the-art technology to address challenges that the rapidly changing IT marketplace faces. It is also committed to excellence by offering its clients reliable IT staffing services.

Goullet’s Colleagues at Diversant

Before Diversant was merged with Goullet’s Info Technologies, it was founded and owned by Gene Waddy. After the merger, Gene remained as the company’s owner and CEO. Jim Yoshimura is also under Diversant leadership team. He currently serves as the chief operational officer.

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Gives $1 Million Challenge Grant to The Family Place

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The Family Place, a philanthropy dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence in Dallas, Texas, is attempting to raise $16.5 million for their Legacy Campaign. Only being $2.8 million shy of their mark, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management announced a $1 million challenge grant to help ensure the Family Place reaches their goal. It was at the Family Place’s 21st Trailblazers Award Ceremony which Dondero made the announcement. The challenge grant has been made through Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. which is the philanthropic division of Highland Capital. The money raised through the Legacy Campaign will be used by the Family Place to establish and maintain a counseling center situated in Central Dallas to help better support those victims of family violence. Through the $1 million challenge grant, Highland Dallas Foundation as already matched $100,000.

Prior to his successful career, James Dondero attended the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia where he double majored in Finance and Accounting. Beyond his formal education, Dondero also holds esteemed certificates as a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. Shortly before graduating from the University of Virginia, Dondero began his career at the Morgan Guaranty training program where he was accepted as an analyst in 1984. After his training, Dondero became involved with American Express between 1985 and 1989 where he held multiple positions such as a Corporate Bond Analysis and a Portfolio Manager.

In 1993, James Dondero and his partner Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management. Since its inception, Highland Capital has grown into one of the most sought after managers in alternative credit. Dondero’s decades of experience in equity and credit markets have equipped him with the knowledge to guide Highland Capital towards their renowned success as acting President. Highland Capital Management has received multiple awards for their product and service offerings including hedge funds, mutual funds and much more. Dondero also holds position as Chairman for several companies including Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare. Besides his business endeavors, Dondero remains active philanthropically through his Highland Dallas Foundation extension of Highland Capital. James Dondero resides in Dallas, Texas with his family.

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The man behind Spark Tank, Marc Sparks

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Marc Sparks is not your average businessman. He doesn’t have a degree in business, in fact the only diploma he does have is a high school diploma. But this man doesn’t need a degree for one to realize he is truly an experience asset in the business world. The Dallas, Texas based man believes anyone can be successful with hard work and determination.

He doesn’t believe in just starting one business, and that is why he is known as the ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has either purchased or sold businesses such as, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix and Blue Jay Wireless, just to name a few.  Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Some key points to Marc’s success are some rules he follows.
• Have the focus to get the job done
• Have the passion and faith in what you want to achieve
• Be all in a project. If you are going to be involved, be involved all the way.

According to, Marc Saprks believes in these rules no matter if he’s donating his own money to a small company to help it succeed or giving his time at a local Dallas homeless shelter. He has also been known to do volunteer work for the organization ‘Habitat for Humanity’. Marc is the author of a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You’, which lets anyone know that it is possible to be successful and no one can stop you from having and accomplishing your dreams.

Marc Sparks has found a new adventure called ‘Spark Tank.’ He co-founded this company with Lynne Sipiora, and together they ask social services executives who love helping their communities, to submit a proposal that involves some form of social services to the community. If they are picked by a panel, the company will receive $5000 for their cause. It’s a way of giving back to the community and those in need. One can go to to get all the details needed to apply for the grant.

Marc Sparks is the perfect example that everyone has the ability to achieve something in life, no matter how small or big. It just takes belief and trust that you can do it.  Learn more about Marc Sparks: