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No More Traditional Commuting With Coworking Spaces In NYC

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As information technology became a major part of the workforce, many companies and freelancers were starting to see the cost-effectiveness of working from home instead of traveling to an office. But while this is convenient, it also could be hard for workers who started feeling more isolated or less motivated to work. So many people have looked for a balance between the grinding corporate offices and the confines of home, and now it appears they have found it. Enter coworking spaces, facilities that offer an office environment that’s different than a regular office environment.


Coworking spaces basically provide office equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, and workstations to people who need them for their job, while at the same time giving people independent spaces from which to work from. Many freelancers and self-employed workers come to coworking spaces because they are still able to work independently, but become a part of a greater community who they can collaborate with or even find more work to add to their schedule. It’s not uncommon for someone to get hired for a short-term job, or even become part of an independent startup company all in one day due to the constant hustle and bustle at coworking spaces.


New York City is a prime place for coworking spaces, and one luxurious space in Manhattan is Workville. Workville has many amenities that coworking spaces in NYC have come to require.  For example, workers can enjoy such as office equipment, coffee machines, conference rooms, mail service, and terraces providing a great view of the city. Regulars get 24/7 access to the building and cleaning service during slower hours. Workville has different monthly rental options from full private offices with dedicated desks, to open spaces for those on a smaller budget. Rooms can be reserved ahead of time for private parties and meetings. To get more information or to schedule a tour, go to

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Beauty In Community: Coworking Space in NYC

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Whether you are an artist or a business driven entrepreneur, the phenomenon of co-working environments has now provided community based infrastructure that bolsters collaboration and communication between peers, already individually interested in advancing their visions. Recently, in March of 2016 a startup known as ‘WeWork’ raised an astounding four-hundred and thirty million. ‘WeWork’ has established a co-working platform that has been embraced by an upwards of forty-thousand people who pay rent to use the shared office locations provided by the company. That being said these environments are quite simply best for those who want to be surrounded by other like-minded people. In other words, these are professionals who want to be around other professionals, people whose drive and ambition can prove inspirational. Through renting areas one shares with others, people can not only mingle in a supported office space, but also have the chance to outsource work associated with the management of said environments. This gives people the chance to focus on their individual goals in stead of being bogged down by distractions related to the logistics surrounding maintaing a proper space for focus oriented folks looking pursue their actual interests and ambitions. Human beings feed off of each others energy, and those seeking shared work spaces are often looking for the motivation that is naturally generated from being around other hard working individuals. Productivity has been shown to increase inside environments made up of talented people looking to evolve with others open to the potential of networking and finding those with similar goals, leading to the possibility of partnership.

Another immensely popular and successful shared office space is Workville, based out of New York City. Workville is a particularly unique co-working environment. The company emerged in early 2016 and provides members with all the practical positive aspects of a shared space melded with luxury. Their office alone, is something to behold. Workville is located on the twenty-first floor within a stunning office building in the city’s bustling center. The environment is complete with spacial areas so things don’t become too claustrophobic, and includes terraces. The lightening is designed perfectly, while their are plenty of lounge spaces and common areas with striking white marble. This a healthier, more community driven design for people of all kinds. Workville is ultimately the ideal space for hardworking creatives and business people to work in unison to create a better future for us all.