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Eric Lefkofsky is a Major American Success Story

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Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur in the United States. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. He then graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, after which he earned his Juris Doctor from the same institution in 1993.This is where he became friends with his partner in business development, Brad Keywell. In 1999, the two started an Internet company called Starbelly, that specialized in promotional products. It was experienced rapid pre-bubble growth and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000.

The next startup was InnerWorkings that offered print services to mid-sized companies. The stock went public on the Nasdaq in 2006. Eric served on the board of directors until 2012. Next was Echo Global a freight logistics company. The company went public in 2006. In 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded, a collective action site. The company name was changed to in 2009. In 2010 Forbes named them the fastest growing company in history. In 2010, Google tried to buy Groupon for $6 billion. In November of 2011, Groupon had an initial public offering, raising $700 million at $20 a share.

In 2010, Lightbank was formed. The company plans venture capital projects in Chicago. In 2013, Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon. In 2014, he and Keywell co-founded Uptake, an analytical firm. In 3026 Eric took over as Chairman of Groupon and stepped down as CEO.

Eric Lefkofsky currently serves as CEO of Tempus, a company dedicated to helping physicians develop individual treatment plans for cancer patients. The company gathers data on previous treatments and their results, allowing doctors to access information that helps them custom design treatment plans for future patients. The philosophy is that each patient should benefit from the knowledge gained by those that came before them. The company has built a state-of-the-art lab to join data science with medical technology.

Eric is involved in many local charities including Children’s Memorial Hospital, now the Lurie Children’s Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and others. He as his wife Liz run the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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White Shark Media/Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media: Committed To Make Sure Your Web Presence Is Moving Swimmingly

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White Shark Media is digital marketing agency that has achieved notable accomplishment of increasing web traffic for small and mid -sized business using targeted Adwords. The company announced free AdWords evaluation with a certified specialist for anyone interested. It does not matter if you have running campaigns, or you have never used AdWords before. The free evaluation will allow you to gain insights on how AdWords work and what can be done to improve the campaigns.

During an assessment, you will share a screen with a specialist, hear, and see everything that is being done. You can also raise questions and concerns, and White Shark specialist will be willing to answer them. Further, along with specialist you can discuss and strategies marketing campaigns that will suit your business goals and objectives –

After evaluations, you will be left with the options of hiring White Shark to manage your marketing effort or put the invaluable knowledge you will have learned to action yourself. Either way, you will emerge the winner. Moreover, White Shark offer search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine-marketing services. These additional services will go a long way in improving your site ranking in search engines and generate targeted traffic to your website through higher ranking.

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing companies in digital marketing industry. Just within five years, the company has evolved from a small agency to giant company in the industry that has even been handpicked by Google as Premier SMB Partner. As a growing company, White Shark Media has received numerous compliments and a share of complaints too from its growing clientele base. What I admire about the company is how it has embraced both compliments and complaints to improve its services.

White Shark Media compiled a list of client’s complaints and detailed how they have been working to provide long-term solutions. For example, some clients felt that there was inadequate communication with AdWords specialist. The company went ahead and introduced phone system with direct extension (read more: This enables customers to receive contact details for both contact person and contact person’s supervisors when they sign up. This allows seamless communication even when the contact person is not in the office.

Customer losing touch with their marketing campaigns is common complaints in AdWords Marketing. However, White Shark has distinguished itself by implementing monthly meeting with clients.

This meeting is conducted via GoToMeeting, an online conference platform that allows a customer to share the screen with White Shark’s specialist. During the meeting, a performance of each AdWords is reviewed, and clients can discuss any other emerging issues with AdWords Specialist.