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Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Reveal Their Chemistry and Why They Are The Best Of Friends Even Today

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Have you ever met someone and known instantly that you would be connected to that person for the rest of your life? If so, then you know how Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall feel about one another. The duo met one another when the original Chainsmokers were seperating. When Andrew came to New York City to meet up with Alex, they met one another and instantly knew that the two would have a long lasting friendship with one another that could lead them to something wonderful in the future.

There are moments in life that you come across where things change for the better. There are times that you must leave everything behind you in order to make something better. For Andrew Taggart, this is something he learned the hard way. While attending school, he heard from a friend about a band that was facing a bandmate leaving. It was then suggested that he find out more about the band and go meet up with the standing bandmate. He did just that and the rest was history. Andrew went down to New York City to meet up with Alex Pall and upon meeting one another, they instantly hit it off and became life long friends. They hit it off so much so that Andrew returned to school only to quit and return back to New York City.

How many people do you know who can sit down and pen their own songs only to be a top selling and top charting single? The answer is, not many. There are plenty of musicians out there who write their own songs but often times, those songs are not about their life experiences but rather the things they want to experience in life. For some, they write songs about the things they think they know but never about the things in life that occured to them and how they made their lives better from it. In many cases, the artists will release a song only to release another song in a month or two that has no self conscious involvement in what they are experiencing in life. For the Chainsmokers, they however relate to their music and make sure that others know about their life experiences by hearing about them in their music. That is another reason as to why people can relate to them and use that to keep that at the top of the charts.

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The Chainsmokers are Changing Their Tune

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DJ duo, The Chainsmokers have taken the pop industry by storm, setting records over the last two years with their addictive jams, but it looks like they’ll be changing their tune once again. Having started out in the more niche genre of EDM, The Chainsmokers took a slight shift to popular music with songs that deeply resonated with the younger generations. This was by no means accidental; the Chainsmokers have made an effort to stay current with their music by addressing topics and experiences that are relevant to their own generation of listless and hopeful twenty-somethings. Their songs paint pictures of passionate, young love, smoke-filled crash pads, and naïve adventure.


After a long hiatus following the success of their hit “Closer,” the Chainsmokers have returned with a new song and a new outlook on life. They say this next chapter will take a darker turn as their new songs reflect their own life experiences in the music industry as well as echo what their generation is experiencing in modern-day America.


Eager to remain pertinent and involved with their fanbase, the Chainsmokers are turning to a new atmosphere for inspiration. Their current release “Sick Boy” draws from the experiences of the social media-driven generation and the frustration that can come with putting life on display online. The duo believes that their music will continue to be relatable while still pushing their own personal boundaries. They hope to continue challenging themselves to work outside their comfort zone with future music and are confident their fans will follow them on the journey. See Related Link for additional information.


The Chainsmokers got their start in 2012 when original member Alex Pall was joined by DJ Andrew Taggart. The production duo started in electronic music before incorporating a pop sound. Their first big hit in 2014, “#Selfie,” successfully charted and put the Chainsmokers in the public eye. They began working with several artists, both new and well-known, on successful songs with Andrew Taggart singing on several tracks including their newest release, “Sick Boy.”



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Alex Pall And Andrew Taggert Reach New Heights With The Chainsmokers

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert, the talented DJ duo of The Chainsmokers, broke away from their booth to exclusively chat with the New York-based columnist Mathias Rosenzweig, about the future of their EDM pop influenced music, honing their identities within the genre and how they plan to evolve as their fan base continues to grow. Mathias kicked the interview off by asking the pair about their beginnings. Alex Pall explained he was initially DJing as a hobby until he formed the group and played all throughout New York, NY, with his former member Rhett Bixler and his still current manager. As Brett departed the group, Alex’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggert, an aspiring producer and songwriter, at a gig in an art gallery. The two meshed well together from the start and The Chainsmokers were a dynamic duo once again.


In 2016, they released their track “Closer” that featured the electropop artist Halsey. It quickly became their very first single to reach No. 1 on the charts and the increased exposure kept the strobe lights shining on the group and on the dance floor. Mathias continued and inquired if the two had found it hard to form a solid identity as artists within the electronic dance genre. Andrew’s response was very mixed in his views, he stated that every single genre has individuals that put out stuff that sounds similar to others that have reached popular heights. Everyone is competing to be the one that truly “stands out.” He shares that all artists are guilty of that until they get comfortable with their own style and breakthrough sounds.  (More about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)



The Chainsmokers weren’t afraid to experiment with their style and have incorporated different genres such as indie, pop, hip hop and dance into their most popular songs. They shared that they often change their live shows and its visuals as their audience expands. The pair have already toured the entire world thrice and find the challenge of putting out fresh shows extremely exciting. They talk to their ‘visualist’ on how to dramatically change their shows to make it unique for themselves and the crowd. Click Here for more information