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Keeping My Canines Happy with Beneful

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I’ve been a dog owner most of my adult life and as a result, I’ve made my rounds through pretty much every dog food variation offered by all the major brands known to man. I’ve had good results with some and not so good results with others and of course dogs of different size, age and activity level have different dietary needs. And let’s not forget the spoiled ones that are often just plain difficult to please.
More recently I have come to rely on a particular brand of dog food by Purinastore which offers a wide enough variety to keep all my current four legged friends happy and healthy which is of course the ultimate goal right?

The big dogs in the house all seem quite happy with Beneful Originals dry dog food. A blend of meat, whole grains and vegetables, it does not seem to matter if I bring home the beef, chicken or salmon flavor, the love them all!

For the puppies passing through, Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food has always been my preference. The ingredients are much the same as the Originals dry dog food but in puppy proportions and they throw a little DHA into the mix to assist with their vision and brain development.

Of course the spoiled little ones want nothing to do with dry dog food so I’ve come to love Beneful’s Chopped Blends. These are a great wet dog food blend of finally chopped real ingredients mixed with just enough sauce to give them a perfect texture. And with six flavors to choose from I’ve found it possible to please even my most spoiled of pooches.

For the old timer in the crowed I’ve found that Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry dog food has really help to improve the pep in his step. I don’t know if it is the chicken or something else in the flavor profile that keeps him coming back to the bowl, all I know is that he loves it and the supplement of essential vitamins and minerals keeps the old guy bopping along and that makes my heart happy!

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Dog's Health

High Quality Dog Foods Are Hitting The Market

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There are many different types of dog food that are available. There are small corporations that produce dog food, and large corporations are also involved in the production of dog food. The quality of dog foods that are being made has gone up significantly in recent times. This is because people are beginning to be mindful of what their dogs are eating. Dogs have become beloved family members, rather than simply animals that people keep. Many dog food production companies are adjusting to these changes. Nestle Purina works on creating very nutritious and high quality dog foods. One of these high quality lines of dog food is Beneful. Beneful is wildly popular, and it is easily available. Many millions of dogs eat Beneful all the time.

Beneful has natural materials, such as meats, grains, and vegetables. This gives the Beneful foods an excellent taste for dogs. It also helps to boost the nutrient content of the foods. This helps the health of dogs in a twofold approach. For one, the food tends to be quite nutritious. Therefore, there is more nutrients in each serving of Beneful. Additionally, dogs really enjoy eating Beneful. This makes sure that dogs eat enough of the dog food to get the full benefits.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of Beneful available on Amazon. Beneful takes three age ranges into account when making the products. They make Beneful that is designed for puppies, grown dogs, and elderly dogs. There also are types of Beneful that cater to dogs with specific needs. For instance, there is a Beneful that is designed for weight loss. This type of Beneful has all the necessary nutrients for canine health. However, it also has a lesser amount of calories.

You can also get Beneful in different forms. There are several different flavors of Beneful, such as beef, chicken, and fish. However, you can also get Beneful in both wet and dry forms. Different dogs have different tastes when it comes to this.

Beneful is just one of the excellent dog foods that are on the market today. There are many others. Dog food is becoming increasingly nutritious. People are paying more attention to the health of their pets, and pet food manufacturers are taking the same approach.



Dog's Health

Dog Food Innovators Compete For Sales

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According to a recent article in The Daily Herald,,pet food companies are working harder than ever to compete for customer’s dog food dollars by offering a variety of tasty wet and dry foods that offer the highest nutrition for dogs. These strategies seem to be working as sales of “designer” pet food are soaring. Chunky wet dinners, dry kibble, tubular refrigerator rolls, blends that taste like a holiday turkey dinner–all of these products are designed with not only dog, but dog owner satisfaction in mind. Pet caregivers have choices of many foods including weight control, berry blends, or organic. There are even brands of dog food that suggest that a dog needs to eat like their untamed ancestors, so owners should feed their dog a diet similar to a wolf in the wild. Another new trend is to give a canine what the family is having for dinner, in dog food form, as if Fido would really notice he’s missing out on lasagna night. The above mentioned article also cites a manufacturer taking a bite of dog food to demonstrate how flavorful it is. Pet food is a 37 billion dollar industry, and there is a new product coming out nearly every day to catch the public’s attention. One company that has been a long recognized innovator of healthy dog food and treats is Purina.

Purina’s Beneful is made of the highest quality ingredients and has all the variety a pet (and pet owner) could want. Beneful‘s Chopped Blend Meals contain high quality, lean proteins such as salmon, turkey, lamb, chicken and beef. Mixed with vitamin-rich ingredients like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, brown rice, barley and spinach, high-quality nutrition never tasted so good. When you open a container of Beneful’s Chopped Blend meals or stews, the hearty morsels in the product are easy to see. Fancy dinner night can be any night for dogs as Beneful makes Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean style specialty medleys in addition to their variety of wet meals. Another convenience is that Beneful’s chopped meals and stews are easy to store and serve–no thawing and chopping necessary. Beneful’s dry blends come in small breed Incredibites, Healthy Weight, and Regular formulas in flavor combinations dog’s love. Feeding a dog a rich, healthy diet does not mean breaking the budget–Beneful’s high quality foods are affordable and available through supermarkets and other retailers. Beneful is made with dog’s nutritional needs and taste preference in mind. Whatever is on the menu for the humans in the house, there is always a safe, tasty, healthy variety meal on hand for canine family members with Beneful.